Tuesday, December 6, 2011

mr. gherkin's dear Santa list

**Disclaimer: these are solely from the mouth of the Gherkin himself, but you know I had to add my own commentary shown in italics.**

Topping his list again this year since he didn't get them last year...

1. an airplane, specifically a Cirrus SR 22 GTS.  (Got that?)
2. to hang with NeNe for a day

via, via
Hmm... maybe this year, honey. Maybe this year.

3.  an iPad (ok, now we're talking)
4. Stereo speakers for surround sound system.  Preferably Bose.  (and you guys thought I had expensive taste? ha.)

5. new golf clubs.
6. a new grill (umm, does that mean you're going to take the reins on cooking from now on? Because if that's the case I will be sure you get you a grill, yo).
7.  a winning lottery ticket.
8. an ocean kayak
9. a new fleece since my office is a walk-in freezer.  (he has a North Face vest he wears every single day, y'all.  so maybe it's time to change it up some)

his pick                         via                      wife's pick
10. a new road bike.


Totally realistic and largely affordable list, huh?

Any 'must haves' that I need to hunt down for the Gherkin?


Breann said...

Those gifts are great! At least you have something to go off of. Lee wants one thing: Beer. or Beer Glasses.
I had to get creative.

Missy said...

Mr. G...expensive taste?? Never would have guessed it! ha! Tell him if he gets to hang with NeNe and he gets to take a friend, my phone better be ringing!

But Breann is right, at least he gave you a list to work with! Wayne says...I don't need anything. Frustrating!

Kristin said...

wow. tony totally met his match. geez. :)

Lisa Johnson said...

Ha, that's an expensive list. ;-). B is getting a watch and some suits for Christmas. I'm no fun! ;-)

kristyo15 said...

Pretty sure I saw a spiffy new iPad when we were over there...which would mean your shopping for Mr. G is done, right?! :) j/k.

...AND, as part of our V Family Photographer contract, I would have to provide the photographic evidence of Mr. G hanging with NeNe. :)

I'm with you on the vest...diggin' the red.

Maria said...

I think my husband would totally agree qith this list, especially the plane and grill. I recently wrote a post about inexpensive yet fun gift ideas (for dudes) and they are hubby approved ;) Check it out.