Thursday, March 31, 2011

all in a day's work.

I love our mornings. Sometimes we cuddle in bed so that I can sneak in an extra hour of sleep and it works. Somedays it doesn't as Preston gives me a certain brown-eyed-look that communicates he's ready to start his day and it's not up for negotiation. Whether we get up at 7 a.m. or 10 a.m. (don't judge me!) he really hams it up in the morning flashing those pearly whites gums. All the while I've yet to brush my pearly whites.  Bet he's wishing I would at least swish with some Listerine. Once he's down for his morning nap I have about 30 minutes to pump, wash face, brush grill, and do something with this hair of mine. 
Looks like I got Dad's feet.
He's grasping things now. It's the small things that I enjoy most. After hearing phrases like brain damage, learning disabilities, and oxygen deprivation as risks and side effects of his heart defect and surgery, it's a HUGE celebration for us when he hits his milestones on time.

We visited daddy at work this week. Preston really turned on the charm (like seriously) for the ladies in Mr. Gherkin's office. They commented on "how normal" he looks, and normal he is ... a normal, healthy baby.  We want him to have as much of a sense of normalcy in his life as any other child. So back to Daddy,  we went to lunch afterwards.  Preston fell asleep. I'm pretty sure he thinks we're boring. Didn't we all go through the my-parents-are-boring phase? But at 3 months old? 

The weather has been perfect for enjoying an afternoon stroll and we do just that.  We stroll. Most days we hit up our neighborhood park. It's nice out and the birds are chirping. There's a pretty awesome breeze these days and the horrendous Houston humidity hasn't taken over just yet. 

Some days, there's a group of teens still dressed in their school uniforms that gather at the park after school.  As I walk past their car I catch a drift of what I'm fairly certainly smells like pot, and I immediately start thinking about the elaborate stories I will tell P one day in hopes I can deter him from these types of activities. 

Then I see a father and a young boy, maybe seven or eight years old, playing pitch and this makes me smile. I want to be the team mom someday.  Guess we'll have to wait and see if Preston's heart function will allow him to play more strenuous sports. If not maybe he'll let me be his caddy. I'll be his number one fan no matter what. 

We've been busy taking care of his meyer lemon tree that Betsy gave him. Thanks, Betsy! This guy is going in the ground in a couple of weeks. Because it's so young it is recommended that we pick off the blossoms so they don't turn into meyer lemons for the first couple of years and the tree can use its energy to establish a good root system instead of making fruit. (Enjoy that lesson?)  So we picked the blossoms.  Have you smelled meyer lemon blossoms before?  Ah-maz-ing. 

Preston watching Ellen.
Most days we tune into Ellen.  I mostly watch just to see Ellen dance at the beginning of her show and laugh at all the older ladies in the audience bust a move.  I know, I know. I'm well on my way to becoming that old lady with bad dance skills. I get that. 

Like my Alfalfa look alike hair?
Then the sun sets, baths are had, and bedtime comes. Another day has passed. I got to spend another day with this sweet little family of mine.  I realize that tomorrow may not be guaranteed so I give my Sweet P a big kiss, tell my hubby that I love him, and go to sleep thankful that I had the opportunity to enjoy today!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

things i want

1. Michael Kors 'Show Stopper' Resin Watch (Nordstrom)- love the rose gold. (Don't forget Mother's Day is coming up, Mr. Gherkin!
2. Jesus Calling Devotional for Kids- to add to Preston's library (available on Amazon)
3. Waterproof diaper cover - via found on Layers of Meaning.
4. BOB Revolution jogging stroller-  ordered and should arrive today, via.

p.s. I ordered a 2010 model of the BOB on clearance... just FYI in case you're in the market for one.

i've been scolded ...

... for not sharing more pictures of Preston. So here you go. Here's your Sweet P fix from his very first crawfish boil thanks to this sweet family

disclaimer: Preston was not allowed to taste either of the above food items (not yet anyways). They served as props only. 

Monday, March 28, 2011


 I know there are many opinions out there about co-sleeping, but we did it. We used the Safe & Secure Sleeper by First Years. It was the best $40 we spent in our opinion. I was very anxious co-sleeping until we found this.
All this in past tense because since Friday night Preston has not slept in the bed with us. He now sleeps in this on my side of the bed.
So what if I kept my hand on his chest the whole time?
Let me just tell you that he LOVES this sleeper. He falls asleep immediately and sleeps more soundly. In fact, Saturday night we slept 7 hours straight!  I can rock it if I hear him start to stir so he'll keep snoozing, and his head is elevated which helps with the reflux.

The next step... his crib in about 5 years

Friday, March 25, 2011

shadow box: west elm

 Thanks for all the sweet comments about the shadow box. I'm glad you like it. 

The shadow box is from West Elm (one of my favorite stores) and I forgot to mention that on yesterday's post. It even comes with the straight pins.  Many of you asked so there you have it.
Here's the link.
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

keepsakes ...

I wanted a place to keep some of P's momentoes that just weren't baby book friendly.
So I made a shadow box with these objects. I have one from our wedding, but I'll save that for another post.

Here's what I threw together this week ... 
More detailed shots ...

I kept a number of things from his hospital stay (blood pressure cuff, hospital bracelets, and yep even the steri-strips from his incision site). I may or may not have some hoarding tendencies. Also pictured is a pendant that holds the picture of Preston looking at me for the first time. Thanks, Kristy.

Hershey bars that P's great-aunt made for his visitors during all of her late night stays with him while in the ICU. 

I cut a lock of his hair for the shadow box. It's falling out (tear!) slowly but surely, and I wanted to make sure I had a little bit of his newborn hair to keep. Look at how long his newborn hair is ... ah-maz-ing. I also threw in one of our first ultrasound pics and one of the elephant shoes that he sported in the ICU. You can see them here
Here's the cap he wore right after he was born. Also pictured is the bracelet they put on him before transport to Texas Children's Hospital (look at how tiny it is) and one of my maternity shots that Kristy took. 

I also included a picture of my blog button for Sweet P. Thanks Jenna.

Last is my Team Preston sticker and CVICU day pass that I wore the day of P's open heart surgery.
Love the things in this box. Love the story it tells. Love the little guy this shadow box belongs to.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



I swooned over White Diamonds back in the day (Hello 1992!). In fact all the women in my family did.  It was my grandmother's go-to gift for all her gals ... when in doubt, buy her White Diamonds. I'm sure it was completely obnoxious when we all wore it at the same time.

Thanks for bringing the women in my family together all those years ago, Elizabeth.  

throwing it up ...

... for less than 18 bucks with this baby blanket turned throw.
DwellStudio for Target
I heart DwellStudio designs.

Monday, March 21, 2011

the UK: one year ago.

It's been exactly one year since our last vacation our trip to London. 
It was fun going back through the pics.  Sort of made this tired mommy feel like she was back on vacation again.

Although we loved staying with these two (left upper corner) while in London, we're glad they are back in the states (better yet in the same city) now.

My favorite place, the Easton. Did I ever tell you guys that Easton was one of three options for Preston's name? (Preston, Easton or Oliver)

Borough Market, I still dream of you and your chorizo sandwiches even a year later. 

Oh, how a year changes things!
One year ago our days (for one week) were full of Guinness half-pints and sticky toffee pudding.  Now our days consist of breast milk and poopy diapers :-) 

Thank you for all the memories, London. I hope to return someday soon. 

Kristin, I'm super jealous of your trip to this fabulous city next week. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

for Japan.


I am not posting my original post planned for tomorrow as I am participating in the Day of Silence for Japan. Be back on Monday.
In the meantime, the people of Japan could use our prayers and/or donations. 

get your green on.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

p.s. No pinching Preston today. He has his green on... thanks Shawna!

Monday, March 14, 2011


I've been hesitant to post about thoughts on motherhood for a couple of reasons. First of all, there are no words that could do this subject justice. It's indescribable. Secondly, I've been reluctant to share my weaknesses and discuss the difficult part of having a newborn for fear it may come off as complaining, and after all that we've been through and the way we've been blessed I certainly can't complain. So I'm going to try to share my thoughts without putting a damper on the most beautiful job on the planet ... being a mother.  

1) Babies cry. Shocker, I know! My baby cries, and sometimes I can't console him. I feel guilty when I can't calm him. I think that's a natural feeling, but I freak out a bit. Some moms cry with their babies.  I tend to get angry instead.  Not angry with Preston, but angry with myself (because I'm not meeting his needs at the time) and angry at the situation. I freak out because I'm afraid it can be hard on his heart for him to cry (sometimes it stinks to be a health care provider in these situations). The good news is that Preston is now on two medications for reflux and he seems to be a more peaceful baby. Nope, we don't have the happiest baby on the block and that was hard to swallow at first.

2) I miss uninterrupted sleep. I never considered myself one to need sleep and I'm not a napper, but I miss sleeping. Just to be clear ... it's not that I'm shocked that I don't get sleep (I knew to expect this with a newborn) ...  it's just that I'm so surprised I miss it this much. My Words with Friends and/or Angry Birds addiction may play a role in these sleepless nights also.

3) A baby is never too young to fight his/her sleep.

4) It's easy to spend hours just simply staring and watching my baby ... getting lost in those big brown eyes, staring at those eyelashes, memorizing every crease, watching his chest rise and fall.

5) I'm not sure I remember how to fix my hair.  Hello, ponytail for 9 weeks now!  I certainly don't remember how to apply make-up anymore. Heck, sometimes it's noon before I remember to brush my grill.

6) I need more help than I thought would. I tend to be the it's-easier-to-do-it-myself-than-ask-and-then-explain-it-to-someone-else type person. I think they call it delegating and historically I suck at it, but I'm getting better as I've realized that I only have two hands and that they're not joking when they say it takes a village to raise a child. So I'm asking for help more. And since we're on the subject...

Thank you to my Mr. for letting me whisper (although it's really not a whisper at all but more like a cry for help) his name and wake him up when I need help during Preston's middle-of-the-night feeding.  Preston's not the best nurser but still he gets exclusively breast milk which means I'm tied to my breast pump. With Dad of the Year (aka Mr. Gherkin) so graciously giving P his bottle in the middle of the night I am able to pump and we are all three back to sleep in 20 minutes (usually).

7) Lastly, being a mother isn't the easiest job in the world but it's so unbelievably rewarding. We've decided that I will return to work at the end of my maternity leave. My posts may be few and far between or just short and sweet over the next few weeks as I soak up the rest of this special time with my little man.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

tummy-time & head control

Is it normal to feel both joy and sadness when he hits milestones?
Sadness because he's old enough to hit the milestone and joy because he's reached it. 

Since his chest is well healed we are now able to start having some tummy time.
I think he likes it. 

Now I just need to catch his sweet little smile on video.
Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

bumbo time

 I've slowly been introducing Preston to his bumbo. I had my camera close during Monday morning's bumbo time and was able to capture the whole experience (all 90 seconds of it) on camera. 

Hmm, what's this?
Umm, I'm not sure I like this, mommy.
Mommy, I said put that camera down and pick me up now!
Please excuse the exposed-chest-look ... guess I just missed a button or two that morning. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I'm excited that spring is just around the corner. Good weather, daylight saving time, flowers. I'm not looking forward to the dreaded pollen though. I am slowly learning to shoot in manual mode on my Rebel and desperately need the practice so I whipped out the camera this weekend to take pics of the blooms around our house.

My azaleas are also blooming, but I forgot to snap a pic of them. Maybe I'll practice more next weekend. As for now we're off for P's two month check up and shots. I can't believe it ... my baby is two months old. Sigh.

Monday, March 7, 2011

marry me monday

I'm a guest blogger on Jessica's blog for her Marry Me Monday series. I wrote it a couple weeks ago with Mr. Gherkin's help.  It was fun to think back to our wedding day and laugh.  It was even better to think about the events (both good and trying) that we've shared together over the past four years. I thank God that this man asked me to marry him six years ago (in May).

You can read my guest post here or click the above button. Thanks for having me, Jessica, and good luck on your upcoming wedding and marriage. 

Two are better than one, because they have good return for their work.
If one falls down, his friend can help him up...
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12