Thursday, January 19, 2012

product of the week: goat milk soap

  I've been saving this one for a while since I took a few weeks off in preparation for our link up (hence the Christmas tree in the background)

It's Canus Goat Milk Soap.

Available at Whole Foods.
Smells amazing ... very fresh and clean.
Very affordable.
Comes in a wide assortment of scents.
Now go get some.
You can thank me later.


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Mrs. Mama said...

definitely never heard of it... but will have to look for it next time we are out!

Ben and Katie said...

I've heard goat soap is amazing but I've never tried it! Will have to look for some. When we were in CA and NJ they had WF but the closest one to us is in Seattle and that's just to far to go for groceries!
Happy late birthday Preston!!