Sunday, February 19, 2012

project 365 {366}: wk 7

certified for another 6 years.  Yippee!
Preston's Daddy-Mac came in town from Africa which means P got to hang with the big boys.  
sporting his new tea collection clearance item tee
 I love Tea collection clothes for Preston. I usually hold out until I find it on sale, and speaking of which, Tea collection is currently having a promotion through March 31, 2012. Use code SS12SAS to get 10% off your total purchase.

 He's carried Sam's green leash around with him all.week.long.
Please don't tell me this is going to become him lovie.  Better than my hair (which has been his lovie thus far) I guess. 

 bath time is ...
 so much ...
F U N !!!

You can barely see his scar from open heart surgery.  His chest does cave in a bit which they said is a side effect of cutting the sternum.  I barely notice that anymore.  Isn't he beautiful, umm, I mean handsome?


Mrs. Mama said...

he IS handsome!!! I love how he carries around the dog leash... haha...E is that way with my robe tie.

Unknown said...

His scar/result from surgery will only increase his chances of having defining pecks .... which he clearly has right now. Seriously!!

Have you tried glow sticks in the bath for P?? I think he would LOVE it!

Have a good Sunday! Xo

Aly @ Analyze This said...

ugh, that unknown comment was from me .... sorry!

Maria said...

Yay for your certification! P looks so happy during bath time; my son loves the water too and it makes for great pictures.

Cheryl E. said...


I love tea clothing. I wish they were A LOT cheaper though.

Congrats again!!!

Dianna said...

He is sooo cute!

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

He is sooo cute!

Congratulations on your "pass"!!! You are super mom, super wife and super provider.

Basically, I am super jealous : ) ha! So happy for you!

Michelle said...

I just happened to find your blog, and smiled when I read this post. I am taking my PANRE on Thursday! I am a little worried about it, but am trying not to worry too much! Since you just took it, I am guessing we graduated from PA school about the same time. I graduated from UNMC in Nebraska in 12/2005. I currently practice in Arkansas. Great job on passing! :)

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

Congrats on passing!!

Those bath pics are adorable!!!!

Lori said...



Truly...a miracle in amazing color!!!

Alice said...

his eyelashes in those bath pics are beautiful!