Friday, February 3, 2012

the test {and a recipe love}

So I took my recertification exam this morning.  I showed up at 7:30 as instructed for my 8:00 exam.  The employees responsible for checking the testers in didn't show up until 7:45.  Gotta love that!

These were the texts I exchanged with my husband while waiting for my turn to check in.

One would think I was getting ready to meet the President with all the security.

On a more pleasant note, we made these last night.  They were yummy. Mr. Gherkin said the smell reminded him of our trip to London and the many pies we ate.  I wanna go back. I want another pie... a real one... Borough Market style.


Sara said...

Those look yummy! Will have to try them! Borough market might be our favorite place on earth! So much good stuff!

Shae said...

I'm definitely going to try those! Yum!

Melissa said...

Those look delish. I hope you passed your exam! I'm so happy to have all my boards behind me for a long time!

Cheryl E. said...

Hahaha! Nice! I am sure you passed with flying colors.

Missy said...

I am so glad your test is over and that you got to keep your bra on!!

Those look yummy...I will go to London with you!