Friday, March 2, 2012

friday's letters


dear hubby, please close the cereal box. i'm confused about why you're confused by this. love you. dear preston, you are so fun. that's all. dear teething, can you cut us some slack? puh-lease. dear cellulite, bathing suit season is almost here. you can go ahead and exit my body. mmmk?  dear girls scouts, please do not offer me any more cookies as I've had more than my share this year.  dear 7:14 experiment, i look forward to participating every morning. thank you.

and last but definitely not least...
dear mawmaw and pawpaw, you two are the bravest and wisest people I know. I love you. Please know that.


**loving her link up.**


The Pink Growl said...

we've had the cereal box battle at my house too! haha glad to know i'm not alone!

I second your dear cellulite message- it's not easy to get rid of that crap!

Happy Friday!

Missy said...

Hope yall have a great weekend!

Tell T I said to shut the damn box!!

Amira said...

Dear Girl Scouts, I second what Tiffanie has asked of you. SCRAM! Your cookies are a contributing factor to the above mentioned cellulite that has begun to take over my body.

Just the Two of US said...

i'm totally with you on the cellulite! it needs to exit my body too!

cute post! happy friday

tiffani LAUREN said...

I, too, am with you on the cellulite!! And I didn't know about the 7:14 experiment, I might try to do that now.

Happiness Is... said...

Loved this post! Isn't their age SO fun right now?

Meg {henninglove} said...

why haven't i seen any girl scout cookies being sold in my area? i am feeling jipped! i love this post idea so fun