Thursday, March 29, 2012

product of the week: my favorite towels.

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White bedding, white sheets, white towels, white wine... I love everything white!

While I love Restoration Hardware's Turkist towels, I can't always afford their price tags.

Someone recommended these Thomas O'Brien towels from Target a few years ago.

We're working on two years using ours, and I'm impressed with how well they've held up.

It's so hard to keep white towel looking, well, white and fluffy, but I promise these still do.

Do I dare say that they've held up better than our much more expensive Pottery Barn towels?

FYI: Starting this week and continuing at least through the summer, Aly and I will switch off hosting POTW linkups every other week.  I'm hosting this week.  Aly will host next week.  Making sense?  Get those posts ready, and don't worry we will keep you guys up to date and send you to the corresponding blog for the link up. 

** I recently saw some poorly rated reviews on regarding the darker colors of this towel brand.  The costumers complained about the colors fading and/or running.  Please note that I can only speak for the white Thomas O'Brien towels as I've never tried any other colors. 


Missy said...

We have these in the white and the light brown color. Both have held up great over the past couple years and our whites are still bright and our browns have kept their color and we have never had issues with bleeding!!

I will admit these are better towels that the pricier ones we registered for when we got married!!!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...


we bought ours 5 yrs ago...and all the rugs to match and will never ever buy another brand ever! they quit selling the goldish brown/tan whatever color...but they still have the choc color....

i'm in love too