Tuesday, March 20, 2012

shout out to tervis tumblers.

All in a weeks time my car's check engine light came on, I shattered my iPhone, crashed my computer, and one of my tervis tumblers cracked. 

I was feeling pretty down and out about my streak of bad luck when Mr. Gherkin said that he heard tervis carries a lifetime warranty and that supposedly they'll replace broken or cracked tumblers. 

So I checked out the website and,sure enough, found a form to fill out.  I mailed in the form and the broken tumbler, and they sent me a brand new tumbler free of charge, no questions asked.  I just paid $2.50 to send the broken tumbler back to tervis

The turn around was about three weeks. Now that, friends, is customer service!


Missy said...

That is why we LOVE tervis!!!

♥Jess said...

My girlfriend {for months and months} RAVED about tervis tumblers - I didn't really comprehend what she was talking about for a while even though I acted like it. Well, she bought Aaron and myself one for our honeymoon because she swore by them {holding ice while laying out all day in the sun} - I'm obsessed now.
When I got back from our honeymoon, I called her and admitted to her that I really had no clue for months what she was raving about - I apologized.

NOW- I love tervis even better. Great customer service along with great products keeps people like us coming back and sharing our experience to the world.

Sorry for the book. Happy Tuesday!

Xo, Jess

Happiness Is... said...

That's pretty cool - I had no idea they would replace them like that!

Just Jennifer said...

I absolutely love hearing about companies like this. Thanks for sharing! (Sorry about the bad few days though...)

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

wowza...what a week

as for customer service...yes that's def worth the shout out!

glad he paid attention! haha

Nancy said...

I always wondered why those were so expensive, but you get what you pay for a great product & great customer service! How neat!