Tuesday, March 6, 2012

what's on my mind: on being afraid.

Seems like my fears are less scary if I put 'em out there and talk about them. So here goes.

I'm scared of the dark. The boogie man lives in the dark, didn't you know.  One of my biggest fears is losing electricity, middle of the night, storm outside and all alone inside.  I get goose bumps just thinking about it.  Freaks.me.out.
My fear of spiders is really a bit absurd. I think they call it arachnophobia.  Hate them. Those legs... they creep me out.  And walking sticks, oh my heavens, they are ridiculous.  One afternoon, while channeling my inner Martha Stewart, I cut blooms off our gardenia plant only to have a walking stick crawl on my arm while bringing them inside.  I barely survived.
Don't even get this Scorpio started on scorpions!

I get hysterical when Preston or Sam (my dog) get near a storm drain. The openings can be seriously big and I'm freaked that one of them will fall in. And I also white-knuckle my purse, keys, and cell phone when walking near or over them too.  Anyone else?
And for a more legit (not that those mentioned above aren't serious concerns of mine) fear...

I was so scared to listen to Preston's heart for a full nine months.  I couldn't even put my ear close to his chest. I listen to hearts all day long at work, but I was fearful I would hear something alarming. A murmur? An irregular beat? Who knows. I was just scared of it sounding different from the hearts I listen to all day long.  Then one morning while snuggling in bed with him I, without thinking, laid my head on his chest. lub-dub, lub-dub.... it sounded perfect.  I still have that twinge of fear each time I can hear his heart lub-dubing, but it's getting easier and easier.

I also fear that one day I will have zero entries on the product of the week link up... I know you're not going to let that happen so get those posts ready for Thursday.
(how's that for a shameless plug).


Missy said...

The picture of that walking stick gave me the creeps. And do not even get me started on how tense I get around storm drains!!!

Love the plug! I will be there!!

♥Jess said...

Thank GODNESS we don't have those drains here in Georgia, I too would be completely freaked out. Wouldn't like em' one bit.

The dark, yes I too and a bit freaked out with all the lights off. If I am home alone, you will see the lights turn on as I walk through each room.

Spiders aren't really a biggie for me... it's FROGS I am terrifed of. Like break down crying hysterically if one comes too close. It's horrible.

♥Jess said...

Excuse my typos. One day I will learn to proof read before publishing.

*Yes, I am a bit freaked out...*

Kelly said...

Oh this was one funny post ;-) I have a HUGE fear of lakes and driving our boat. It is debilitating. SO bad. And fairly ironic since I live in MN "land of 11,000 lakes" ;-)

Kelly said...

Hello I found your cute blog through Stilettos & a fishing pole.
I'm a afraid of the dark and snakes freak me out!!!

Oh and I'm a new follower:)

Lynett said...

I am totally afraid of the dark too! Hence why I sleep with the TV on! Aw, little Preston heart is perfect! No need to be afraid!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

bahaha about your plug

as for P...I can totally see how you wouldn't be alone in that fear! God is good...and he (p) is here for a reason huh!!

my fear...drowning...dude it wigs me out..hubs bought me a emergency knife for cutting seat belts and breakin glass for my car...how crazy is that hahaha

Dianna said...

I love all of these and the one about Preston's heart is saw raw and real. Thank you for sharing! I have been meaning to do a product of the week, but just haven't thought of anything good. I need to start thinking now!

The Pink Growl said...

I'm definitely still scared of the dark...not sure if I will ever get over that one. I am terrified to take my dog outside to potty at night so we installed mega motion lights around the house.

Lori said...

Absolutely understand your fear about Preston's heart...absolutely.

So...the question is: "What do you think of snakes?" Because I can NOT STAND snakes. AT ALL....John, fine with them...but spiders??? He is not so fond. I don't want to marry them or anything, but I'm ok with them. I think people either are ok with snakes and NOT spiders, or vice versa!

AND>>>>> I'm LINKING on Thursday! Last couple of Thursdays have been a bit hectic, obviously, but I have the post already drafted, woo hoo!!!

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

I'm sooooo afraid of the dark! My boyfriend is always asking when I'm going to grow up. Never! The dark is scary. :)

Brooke said...

Okay, also afraid of the dark. I am totally fine in my own house at any time but the minute that sun goes down, the shades get drawn, the alarm goes on, the baseball bat comes out and the fear creeps in. I panic when the power goes out. There's nothing scarier and I'm so glad I'm not the only thirty-something that's still scared of the dark!

Susannah said...

OMG Tiffanie! I am right there with you on the drains! They are HUGE and my Sam love love loves to see how far he can stick his head down in there to smell. No joke, I hold his leash so tight when he does it. It totally freaks me out that he's going to fall in!

Katharine said...

I have ALL the exact same fears!!!!!!!!!!! Love your blog!