Monday, April 9, 2012

easter happenings 2012.

A wonderful Easter weekend was had around here.

Our Good Friday started off with a family walk and then a trip across town to a park Mr. Gherkin played at as a kiddo.

On Saturday evening, the Mr. and I attended a sweet girl's baptism as her Godparents!  Then we talked and enjoyed wine with that sweet girl's family until midnight.  Love those people! Preston's Aunt KK came in town to serve as our babysitter and spend some quality time with him while we were off being Godparents. (Can y'all tell I'm a little excited about the whole Godparent thing?)

On Easter Sunday the Easter Bunny came and dropped off some bubbles, a balloon, and some other goodies for Preston. 

Then we spiffed up and headed to church which happened to be an outdoor service in a local park.
we love Aunt KK

We were surrounded by people we love this morning while celebrating our risen Lord. It was great.

Later that afternoon all the cul-de-sac kiddos gathered for an egg hunt. 
Yes, all those kids live on our 10-house cul-de-sac.  We seriously landed on the best cul-de-sac in the hood. 
Sweet P hunting eggs.  He's a natural at it.

Our day ended with him chasing bubbles (courtesy of the Easter Bunny) in the backyard.

I am really having a hard time gearing up for work this morning.  I already miss our lazy family mornings and our days filled with friends. This weekend was a blessing.


♥Jess said...

I love Prestons Easter Outfit! I'm glad ya'll had a wonderful Easter weekend. And congrats again on being Godparents!

Jennifer said...

Isn't it fun having so many kids on 1 street? Our street is like that and it is awesome! The kids just run from one house to another all weekend long.

Stefenie said...

I love the pictures. It looks like you too had a great Easter weekend!

Becca said...

how cute :-) I love that banner!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

love his little outfit! and so jealous of all the kids on your culdesac. BG is literally the ONLY kid in our neighborhood. it stinks!

Alice said...

Where did you get that dress?? Too cute! And it looks like y'all had a wonderful Easter!

Amber said...

Love Preston's outfit!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Sweet family photo!!

I'd love to know what Tony said about his Easter outfit! Haha ;)

The Smiths said...

I found your blog through "Newlywed and Decorating" and became a follower. Your little boy is adorable. Glad you all had a happy Easter! ☺

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Great Easter dress! Looks like such a fun day. Did you make that garland?

An outdoor service sounds fantastic! But in my head I wonder if we'd get a calm toddler or one raring to go play and run around!