Tuesday, May 29, 2012

memorial day madness.

We enjoyed the holiday weekend with lots and lots of time outdoors sweating, swimming in a pool (during which I realized just how fearless my son truly is.  I'm scared), and visiting with family and friends. 

Yes, he's completely clothed and drinking from the water hose.  Awesomeness!

The Martha in me came out during Preston's 2+ hour nap on Saturday (that never happens for that long, folks).

Front door decor using left over burlap, ribbon, and an old wreath.
 Definitely a work in progress, but Mr. Gherkin (with the help of my dad) removed our old and dying azaleas and dove head first into making a trellis in the backyard.  The idea is that instead of looking out the windows at a white wall, we'll soon look out and see lush, green landscaping.  Yep, that's the idea.  Just as long as my non-green thumb can keep the plants alive.  Type of plants to be determined, but we're thinking confederate jasmine or coral honeysuckle. Any recommendations? Update to come soon (given that all goes according to plan ... nobody wants to blog about their failures, right?)

Now, hooray for a short work week!


Missy said...

Love that Preston is completely content swimming fully clothed! Awesome! Yay for being Martha, the wreath came out so cute!

Happiness Is... said...

What about bougainvillea (sp?) - such a pretty bright flower, and if they are happy they grow like crazy.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Preston and BG could totally hang out. She tends to swim fully clothed as well ;)

Brooke said...

We have Carolina jasmine that I planted against our back fence. I planted it last year, paid very little attention to it, it survived last summer's drought and is going nuts this year.

♥Jess said...

P is getting SO big!