Wednesday, May 30, 2012

toodles, Dr. Browns.

My pediatrician said that if Preston was still taking a bottle at 18 months then he recommended that the bottle fairy come and take both his bottles and his pacifiers.

Well, no bottle fairy is needed around here. After swimming with some friends on Sunday evening he went to sleep in the car sans bottle. The next morning I just decided to go with it and not give him a bottle.

The nanny caved on Tuesday morning and gave him one bottle, but then she sent me this text today. We are 24+ hours bottle free, folks. Take that bottle fairy. No more Dr. Browns.

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Lori said...

Yeah, Hand, Foot Mouth pretty much got rid of the last bottle over here too...we were basically down to a few sips at night before I put him in his crib, but it just hurt him too much to suck, so third night of no bottle. Almost thought he was going to be done with pacis too because he couldn't really suck on them either, but now that his mouth seems to be a bit healed, he has decided he's back on the paci train!!!!

Tough to have them grow up like this, isn't it??? What we want, but gosh....toooo fast!