Thursday, June 21, 2012

product of the week: the whale bag.

I know I promised I was taking a summer break, but I really wanted to share this bag with you guys. So consider this the product of the summer (no link up though.)

This bag has been in my guest closet for a few months now and I was really wondering if it would prove to be worth it.  It just felt too big and bulky.  Well we just put it to use during our lost pines excursion, and I can now say it was worth every penny.  No buyer's remorse here.
After thinking it would be too bulky, the size turned out to be perfect.   We were even able to sneak in a small cooler, well hidden within the bag, with Preston's milk and a few cervezas for us (sssshdon't tell a soul... we try to abide by the rules.  really, we do but we draw the line at $7 a beer and $10.50 a vodka with grapefruit)
what cooler?  what beer? 
It has 9 easily accessible pockets on the outside and one hidden pocket for valuables on the inside. I can't tell you how convenient that is.  I didn't realize how annoying it was to dig and dig in my old beach bags to finally find the sunscreen or the hotel key five minutes later at the very.bottom.of.the.bag.   All 9 pockets were filled which meant sunscreen, books, magazines, floaties, cell phones, swim diapers, koozies, camera, room key, chapstick, water bottles,  and sunglasses were all in quick reach.
close-up of the pockets
They're available here.  

I purchased one of their slightly irregular bags which sale for a tad bit less, but I honestly have no idea what's not perfect on the bag (so, shhhh, don't tell anyone). 

So there you go.  The perfect beach/pool bag especially for those with kiddos.  Love that it helps me stay organized ... certainly feeds my type A personality.

They also have smaller bags, called Dolphin bags I believe, for those without kids or those who just want a smaller bag.

No compensation was received for this post.  Just a product I love and wanted to share.

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