Friday, July 27, 2012

life as we know it.

What a stupid crazy week!

First up a pipe above our laundry room bursts.  Again.  Second time in six months.  Fun, fun!  
So we've decided to replace the pipes in the whole house.  After 3 estimates, we've picked a company that should be done in the next couple of weeks.  All that means holes in sheetrock which must be patched and then repainted.  Fun times!

Top that off with a root canal this morning.  Know how to get through a root canal?  Turn on Pandora (I chose the David Crowder Band station) and let it blare through your earphones.  It also helps that my dentist is good looking and funny.  

Now I'm just sore.  It stinks. And I made plans to eat Mexican food with friends tonight.  Going to a mexican food joint and not being able to eat chips is just plain torture.  Like fingernails on a chalkboard kind of torture. 

My dad had a fistula placed in his arm in preparation for hemodialysis.  Proud of you, dad, for going through with it. 

On a brighter note, I picked up some of the glow sticks from the dollar bins at Target after seeing all the kiddos on Pinterest playing with them in the bath tub.  Well, Preston loves his glow sticks.  
He loved them so much that he fell asleep with one in each hand last night.  Future raver?  I hope not. 
I'm stoked about the opening ceremonies and the start of the 2012 Olympics tonight. 

Have a great weekend!

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Happiness Is... said...

Am I a mean mom for being paranoid about glow sticks popping open?!?

Ashley said...

not to be a party pooper, but I wouldn't let him fall asleep with glo-sticks. I let my son go to bed with one, and about 5 times later he was screaming because he had broken it and gotten it in his eyes. THANKFULLY it was non-toxic, but for about 3 days all of his stuff glowed where the liquid hit it. Fun for awake time, and a blast in the bath, but not for bed!

Tiffanie BV said...

Thanks, Ashley, for sharing your experience. I was just asking some friends if they've ever heard of these sticks breaking. No more wondering now.

Anonymous said...

You have my sympathy with the plumbing. We just finished having ALL the plumbing replaced in our house. The original fellow used the wrong glue and slowly and surely things came apart. It won't be too bad. We only have to patch the wall behind the toilets. The plumbing now comes up through the floor and all the holes under the sinks, etc were filled in with expandable foam.

emily said...

Oh my! What a crazy week. Sorry to hear about everything. My FIL also had a fistula put in his arm for dialysis. But that last picture of Preston was so sweet!

Breann said...

Welcome to the hole-in-the-ceiling club! It's just awesome huh?
Hope you are feeling better and I hope your dad is as well. Let's get together SOON!