Thursday, August 16, 2012

on why my son will one day drive a minivan.

I used to, back in the day, WAY back in the day, drive an old Ford Bronco II.

I imagined it looking very much like this.  Nice.  Vintage.  Tiffany blue color. Red would be nice, too.
But in reality it looked very similar to this. 

And it was a stick shift, and it sucked learning to drive a standard at 16 years old. 

I was actually twelve when I started driving alone, and I can say that now because both my mom (guilty) and my grandmother (guilty) are safely Home where nobody can give them grief over my ridiculously young age.  At fifteen, I received my hardship license so that I could drive myself and my siblings to school amongst other places.

We (we being my brother, sister, and I) had a lot of fun in that Bronco.  I can remember my brother in the backseat begging me to take the long route to school so that we could hit "the bump."   The "bump" where I would floor it as soon as it was in sight so we'd go flying over it, my brother bouncing so high in the backseat that he'd hit his head on the ceiling.   It's a wonder we never flipped that thing.

I also remember my brother opening the passenger door to get out because he thought we were stopping just about the time I decided that the parking spot to the left looked better.  He flew out of the passenger side and rolled what seemed like no less that 18 times over the concrete driveway.   He was fine.  He's tough like that.  I was

Point is we'd fly around town in that thing.  I guess I thought we were invincible. And this, my friends, this is exactly why Preston will scoot around town in an ultra-safe vehicle one day.  I'm thinking a minivan or a Volvo.   Dang sure won't be a Bronco.


Alyssa said...

Memories! We had an open campus in high school and could leave for lunch, but couldn't take our cars. My friends and I would sneak out in my friend's huge Oldsmobile boat, drive to McDonalds and buy McChickens and go down thrill hill, which is actually named that because it's like a roller coaster. Well, we'd go as fast as we could and one day we became airborne. When we landed, I (of course we were too cool for seat belts back then) flew up and hit my head on the roof of the car. We'd done this nearly every day for weeks, but this time we were so shaken that we all silently drove back to the school and never attempted that again! DUMB! I really am not ready for my kids to drive- and one only has 3 more years...

Dianna said...

I laughed out loud at my desk when I read the part of your brother falling out! So funny!

Missy said...

Hilarious. I am right there with you though. Park and P can drive around together in the mini when they are 28!!!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Nice plan Momma! I'm not sure yet if W will ever be allowed behind a wheel! ;) I kid, but yea how funny how our own childhoods will influence the decisions we make for our little ones. Happy weekend!

Stefenie said...

Ha ha ha ha!! Hilarious. Oh the things my friends and I did when we were first driving around. Exactly why my boys will also be driving minivans. Ha!

Leslie said...

Tiffanie, do you remember the mall hill the day you died out in the bronco and you and I switched places because you were FREAKING out!!!! LOVE THIS POST!!!

Semen Rendi said...

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