Thursday, August 30, 2012

the day the dog chewed the sippy cup.

Late last Thursday afternoon, the nanny sent me a picture.  Said picture (shown below) sent me into a full blown, mommy-style panic attack.   One of our dogs ::clears throat:: Carter :: clears throat:: decided to chew the lid to Preston's special sippy cup.  The special order, personalized sippy cup.  The only sippy cup Preston will drink milk from. 

As soon as I finished with my last patient I left the parking garage on two wheels.  I made it to the Heights with about 10 minutes to spare (I was fairly certain the store where I bought said sippy cup from would close at 5), only to find out that the store's no longer located there.  I learned, in fact, that there is no longer a physical store and that the owners work out of their homes.   dun, dun, dun.

Big fat mommy fail!  How in the world did I only have one of those sippy cups?  My gut told me to order a spare earlier in the summer. Why didn't I listen to my gut?  

I then hit up the nearest Kroger and despite spending $30 at the store buying various brands of similar (yet still very different) sippy cups, little guy went without milk for 4 days. 

By Friday, I was able to get in touch with the owner of the shop, and by Tuesday a new sippy cup arrived on our door step.  Little man went to sleep with a full tummy of milk on Tuesday evening, and I went to bed a happy mommy.  Don't fret, another's on the way.

Big thanks to the ladies over at Sam & Lucy for their help.

Lesson learned.  Lesson learned.  sigh.


Also, if you're still reading and have a prayer to spare, will you lift up my dad?  His health has quickly deteriorated in the past couple of weeks as he's preparing to start hemodialysis.  He's pretty special to me.  To us.  I need him.  We need him.  Love you, Dad!


Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

first...yes prayers for ur dad!

and 2nd....the sippy story totally cracked me up...

we all do one with a fav lovey or blanket....thankfully hubs reminds me to order extras...and when you do order never need them....when you don't...? you always do

cute cups...and cracks me up that he will only drink from those...

silly dog...they chew the craziest things

Missy said...

Sending lots of prayers for Grrr!

Carter, Carter, Carter...what to do with that little guy?

Glad you found the cup and have more on the way!!!

Stefenie said...

Def keeping your dad in my prayers! {{HUG}}

Too funny on the sippy cup. He sure does like to keep you on your toes doesn't he? Little stinker! Glad you were able to get another cup.

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Prayers for your daddy! Lifting him up right now...

Too funny about the cup (well, maybe not funny to you yet : ) ) Ry is the same way with one of his lovie. I have the exact same one as a spare, but he just chucks the spare out of the crib. He only wants the "original". God help us all if it's misplaced : )

Jim and Jami said...

Praying for your dad. I know what he will be going through, I was on hemodialysis for 10 years. Prayers for strength, and comfort for him and your entire family.