Tuesday, August 28, 2012

what i'm reading.

I read this book not too long ago.  I believe she is the one who pinned it, and I have to say I can't imagine that another book will beat this one this year or ever for that matter.  It's a great story.  I cried. I learned. I was inspired. I often found myself with goosebumps.  It's a powerful read.  I highly recommend it. 


I read and love this article about raising boys written for boy-moms by a dad.  I especially love the last tip.  Bedtime is sacred around here.  To be honest, I used to dread bedtime.  It's now becoming my most cherished time with Preston.  That ten minutes.  I know that ten minutes he's talking about, and I love what he says about it, "If you don't believe in God, you will once you have lain next to your overactive son while his body goes limp next to you, and he ever so faintly begins to snore."

I laughed and snorted (it's hilarious) my way through The Bloggess' mostly true memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened


I'm currently enjoying this book.  I'm learning that I've got a lot to learn on how to tuck in a superhero.  What did I get myself into?


Full review to come (like I did before), but I'm almost done with Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood.   Elizabeth, I owe you for recommending this. Thanks.

Last by definitely not least, I'm enjoying the Parenting by Design Daily devotional plan provided by YouVersion.  It's not only helping me in this journey called parenthood, but I have a clearer picture of how Christ loves us (just like we unconditionally love our kiddos, providing both love and truth).

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katiemontgomerymears said...

Yes, I love 'Same Kind of Different as Me' too! Such a convicting story of loving the forgotten, as well as truly loving and valuing your family.