Sunday, September 16, 2012

what's on my mind: things. words. lessons.

I've been on a roller coaster ride here lately.  Lots of emotional highs.  Lots of emotional lows. It seems that every high is followed by a low or at least that's what I woke up thinking this morning. 

This weekend I overheard my husband telling his mom, "Just because you're a mom doesn't mean that you're supposed to be supernatural or perfect."  He said that to comfort her, yet it spoke volumes to me.  Why must I feel the need to be perfect all the time?

I heard the song It Is Well With My Soul two times this morning, once while getting ready for church via Pandora, and then the band sang it, beautifully might I add, at our contemporary service.  The Holy Spirit worked on me through that song so that by the time the sermon came around I was open to every single word.  When I woke up this morning it was not well with my soul.  By noon, my soul was well.

Then I headed over to pinterest while preparing this week's dinners in hopes of finding some more great crockpot recipes or finding more cute things to make in celebration of fall and I see this (pictured below).  I'm done.   I surrender all.


Now it's football time, and my fantasy football team is losing again.  She's beating me.  Still love you, though, Aimee.  But the P is napping, my feet are up, dinners for the week are prepared, and we (we being Mr. Gherkin and I) are lounging on the couch.   I love a good Sunday.  I love a good weekend.

I resolve.  It is well. It is well.


Stefenie said...

Love the wording. It is perfect. {{{HUG}}}

Brooke said...

It Is Well With My Soul brings me to tears EVERY time! Do you know the story behind it? If not, look up Horatio Spafford - kinda reminds me of Job. Funny how He finds those little ways to talk to us when we need it most :)