Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 days: be intentional -- day 11.

I didn't post yesterday.  It was intentional.  I joined others in a day of social media silence and sent some prayers up instead.  Prayers for Julee, prayers for Mia's family, and prayers for a couple of my patients who just received some pretty terrible news. 


I always see those fall bucket lists that go viral on pinterest and the ones that other mommy bloggers design.  I've never physically designed my own bucket list, but there's a constant bucket list forming in this head of mine

One thing's for sure, visiting a pumpkin patch will be on my bucket list year after year. Here's the post to last year's pumpkin patch visit.  The weather could not have been more appropriate and perfect this year.  Below are our pictures, and don't be surprised if we go one more time this year. 

yes, he's giving his pumpkin some sugars.

And that concludes our 2012 pumpkin patch photos unless we decide to go again.


Jules said...

Previous pictures of a precious family!!

Missy said...

Love it!! Such a beautiful family!!! Now if that cooler weather would return!

ps-im pretty sure Lauren just made Parker that exact shirt. twinsies!

Paige said...

So cute! I love his shirt oh so much :) He is such a handsome boy!

Kristin said...

great pics, t!