Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 days: be intentional -- day 14

So the hubby's been gone all weekend.  Been on a boys trip or something like that.  Distance makes the heart grow fonder.  I do know that's true, but I also know my son absolutely adores it when the Gherk and I are fond of each other and that makes my heart the fondest. 

Let's back up.  It was one evening a couple of weeks ago, we were clearing the table and loading the dishwasher. Yes, Mr. Gherkin helps in the kitchen and that also helps the heart grow fonder. ha! 

Sorry, back to the story.  The Gherkin and I had been picking on each other all evening.  Not being totally mean but not being totally nice either.  Preston didn't notice, or so I thought.  He was in the living room doing his own thing (aka playing with trucks or choo-choos).  

I finally waved my white flag, slipped my arms around the Gherkin's waist, and gave him a hug.  As soon as it happened, I mean the second I did it, Preston looked up at us, smiled, and came running to get in on our hug.  

So he had noticed our embrace.  Had he also noticed our tacky picking?  Did he understand that?

Probably.  Who knows?  

All I know is that I loved every single second of my family's bear hug that happened right there in the middle of my kitchen.  It was super cool, and I hope it happens time and time again. 

As parents, it's easy to be so focused on getting things done that we forget about each other.  I want to change that. I want to be sure we stay focused on each other.

 Our emotions, they're contagious.  I think they'll spill over to our children, and as it seems, even my 21 month old is already paying attention.

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