Monday, October 22, 2012

31 days: be intentional -- day 22

The girls' weekend was perfect!   I've not been away with my girls since before I got pregnant with Preston so it was long overdue.  It was filled with much rest, relaxtion, vino, shopping, and laughter.

Thinking back, I looked forward to this weekend in every possible way but couldn't quite shake the guilt of leaving the hubs and the toddler for a couple of days.  After being pulled a hundred different directions each day, didn't some quality time with girlfriends sound like the most appealing thing ever?  With a little one clamoring for attention daily, it can get exhausting.  Don't get me wrong it feels so good to be loved and so good to be needed, but rest is essential.  Mark 6:31

A little rest and revitalization is healthy especially when it involves surrounding ourselves with women who lift us up.  

We spent most of Saturday at Austin Cake Ball Kitchen and Bakery sipping, toasting, laughing, crying, and eating.   I adored every minute.  In our minds we were the ultimate party animals. Truth is we were all in pjs, horizontal, and asleep by 11 pm both nights (shhh, don't tell a soul).

We brunched on Sunday at Threadgill's Gospel brunch.  I had three heaping plates from the buffet which included a little bit of everything from biscuits and gravy to sweet potato pancakes.   I still feel sick.

Love you gals and thanks for lifting me up this weekend!

Now to get off that 10 pounds I gained this weekend ... 

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Kristin said...

PPPPPTTTTTTT! (yes, it gets old.)