Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 days: be intentional -- day 24

Totally just realized that I only have one picture of Preston and his beloved nanny. One picture in the 19 months since she's been a nanny for us.  ONE!  That's sad and I'm going to change that starting right now.  

We consider her part of our little family.  Everyone asks when/if Preston is going to start school soon.  I respond with a speedy NEVER because I don't want to lose our nanny.  Only joking, of course. Well, maybe only a little.

She's been an integral part of Preston's life. He adores her and she adores him.  I want him to be able to look back at pictures one day and recognize his Rosa.

So I snapped a picture of the two of them this morning.  Aren't they cute?
So blessed to have Rosa in our lives, and there will be plenty more pictures of Rosa showing up around here.


Dianna said...

Just have another baby and you won't lose Rosa!

Pineapples and Pickles said...

Haha, Dianna! I tell my husband that I like the way you think.