Friday, October 19, 2012

my birthday wish list.

Come Halloween, I'll be thirty-three so I've decided to make a few recommendations share a few things that I would fancy on my 33rd.  I must admit some are lame.  Like let-me-put-on-my-mom-jeans-lame.  At least I've got insight to it.

Here's some things I have my eye on. {{clears throat}} Word up, Mr. Gherkin. {{clears throat}}

A new e-frame in white (my old just one died after five years).  I keep a running slideshow of all my favorite pictures on at all times.

A new hair dryer (via).

This olive wood salt keeper.

I certainly wouldn't mind sipping some OJ from these each morning.

Some more of this stuff because it's the bomb.  I've done my research, and the best price can be found here. I promise it's the real deal.  (image, via)

See these.  Be still my heart. I love the rose gold.  I love the morganite.  Do not even attempt to buy, Gherkin (I'm sure that sentence was completely unnecessary). They're certainly not in the budget ... that's why this is called a wish list.


Aly @ Analyze This said...

Love those glasses!! How cute are they?!?

I hope T buys you those earrings ... what an awesome surprise that would be!!

Missy said...

Great list! I think you deserve those earrings!! Should I start texting T with the pic, just to give him that extra nudge??

Amie White said...

We share the same birthday and I too will be 33! Fun;)

Team Europe 2007 said...

I LOVE Kai lotion as well! Our friend's best friend (six degrees of Kevin Bacon?) actually helped start that business.