Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We joined some sweet friends at the Greek Festival on Saturday.  Thanks, D family for extending the invitation.  I was pumped.  I've never been before although I think I remember picking my husband up from there late one Saturday night a few years ago ... after a few too many.  Of course, this was Preston's first time.

What's not to love about Greek dancing, gyros, wine, souvlaki, greek honey balls, and baklava. My husband will be glad to know that I'm ready to go back to Niko Niko's anytime he's ready.  That's his favorite.

Our kiddos wore themselves out.  At 1:30 pm, I could feel a major meltdown sneaking up on Preston so we left.  He was out in two blocks.

So glad I lugged my camera around all day.  I was able to snap this picture. It's definitely one of my favorite pictures of Mr. P.

Saving this for your wedding slideshow one day, P.


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