Friday, November 30, 2012

my take on the holidays 2012

My favorite holiday song:  Go Tell It on the Mountain.
My favorite holiday side dish: broccoli and rice casserole.  My aunt’s version.
Turkey or ham: ham
My favorite dessert:  chocolate pie

Favorite Holiday Movie: Elf

And on that subject, I adore holiday commercials.  Probably my all time favorite is below. Sadly, I haven't been impressed with the holiday commercials the past couple of years.  What's up with that? Is it just me?

On gift giving:  I usually end up knowing what I’m getting for Christmas.  It’s hard to surprise me (that may be me challenging you this year, Gherkin) and plus my dad just gives me money to pick out what I want.
Since I get to pick out gifts from my dad, here’s what I have my eye on - - -

Of course I have to make a list.  Usually it’s just a boring ol’ excel spreadsheet. This year, though, I'm using this free printable.

Real or fake (as in tree, not breasts):  real on both actually.  Thought for a tiny second about getting an artificial tree next year, but the more I see my real tree all lit up the more I think not.

White or colored lights:  white both outside and inside.  There’s a house a few blocks down that puts up all red lights, and I have to chuckle when the Gherkin refers to it as the neighborhood strip joint (No offense if you decorate with red lights as some I've seen look super fun and classy, but this particular house is not one of those)

 I take my wrapping seriously.  I’m not a perfectionist when wrapping so please don’t look at my edges (they’re not straight), but Ia like to coordinate and I look forward to picking my wrapping paper each year.  The last couple of years I stuck with white and natural butcher paper, tied with red twine (see here).  I planned on doing the same this year until I saw this adorable herringbone wrapping paper at Container Store.  That’ll definitely be in the mix this year.

Although I like to take time off work during the holidays, I do enjoy the traffic-free commutes the holidays bring.

I have a pet peeve about leaving Christmas lights up past the holidays.  Seriously, I’ll give you until the second week in January then I may start talking trash about you.  There are a couple of houses in the neighborhood that have left their lights up year round for the past two years.  It drives me berserk.  It’s laziness.  Sorry, not sorry.

And finally this.  This is me.  I'm the mom who stresses and over analyzes every single detail about Christmas cards.  This year, though, I tried not to although still failed if you ask the Gherkin.  I used pictures that I took myself as opposed to scheduling a photo shoot (but I sure did miss her this year).  They're not perfect nor is it 100% in focus, but Mr. Gherkin kept saying how much he liked them so to the printer they went.  They arrived on my doorstep yesterday, and I have to say the Gherkin was right. I hate hearing the words I told you so

Signing off for the weekend.  A good friend (who I jokingly refer to as my second husband) is tying the knot. So let the wedding festivities begin. 



shanalex said...

great post! have a question, if you have paper left over from the previous year, do you finish it off or do you go with all new paper?
the boyfriend thinks i'm nuts because i want use the same paper two years in a row.


Pineapples and Pickles said...

Totally not crazy, Shanna. I usually use the roll until it's gone, year after year. To be honest, I buy paper that doesn't scream Christmas so that I can use it throughout the year also. Thanks for your comment.

Breann said...

My favorite holiday movie is Love Actually. Will watch it over and over.

Libby's Life said...

I love that commercial! My husband and I always rewound it a couple times because those little girls were just so cute & the song is hilarious.