Friday, November 2, 2012

until next year and looking ahead.

Halloween's over.  Time to break out the Christmas music. 

I'm only kidding.  Maybe just a little bit because I may or may not have rocked a sick little boy this morning while listening to Christmas tunes.

Anyhow, back to our Halloween. It was pretty awesome minus the five pounds I've gained from all the Kit-Kats I ate.

A neighborhood a few blocks away celebrates Halloween with trick or treating the night before.  We tag along with other kiddos from our Sunday School class. It's a tradition I love and look forward to.  Hear that Horns, don't try to move anytime soon?!

sunday school kiddos.  I love these kids, and to think next year there will be more! (not pregnant here, just FYI)

All of our neighborhood kiddos. We trick or treat together as a group, and I love it.
   Fun memory from halloween 2012: See the top right picture?  Well, shortly after snapping that shot, Preston darted inside their home yelling "agua" after spotting the pool in their backyard.
In awe of the fog machine or in awe of the big kids?  It's hard to tell.
(left) Our crew making our way down the street, and bringing up the rear is the cutest little bumblebee.
(right) P hanging with the big kids. 
This little dinosaur and his costume (my pinterest-inspired creation) is dear to my heart.
I'm feeling super motivated to try my hand at making his costumes every year, but that motivation could change in the next 350-something days.  


Dianna said...

Preston is so stinkin cute! Just adorable! Way to go on the costume! And love the 'agua' story. Made me laugh out loud!

Aimee said...

Okay, I am jealous of you... I am SO jealous of your cute lil' man, and your awesome neighbors and your creativity... Stop being so freaking awesome! Kidding... keep at it, I LOVE reading about it! xoxo

Happiness Is... said...

That costume is so cute!!

Missy said...

He is the most precious dino ever and I am super impressed that you made that!!!

Love that the ran in to see the pool! SO funny!!

Stefenie said...

What a very cute costume!