Monday, November 19, 2012

what 22 months means.

  In just over a month, I'll have a 2 year old.  Aren't we supposed to stop counting months then?  Well, forget about it.  I'm not!  I'll still be the lady who answers he's such-and-such months old.

Here's what 22 months old means and looks like in this house.

22 months means going from this above.  Cool, calm, collected.

To this. Which involves crocodile tears and may cause this mommy to lose her marbles at times.


Then back to this.  All in under 3 minutes flat.

I love you, Preston.  You keep me on my toes.  You stretch my creativity and my imagination more than I ever thought possible.  

This is my thanksgiving.


Dianna said...

He is too cute! Cooper does this at 16 months which makes me concerned about the terrible two's!

Lori said...

YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!

We have a new saying in our house..."When Luke is sweet, he is very, very, VERY sweet.

But when he's sour??????????????!"

And I'm so grateful!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

i cannot believe how blonde he is getting!! and 22 months was ROUGH in this house! so good luck :) but the good news is, around 27 months, things got a lot better!

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Gosh, he's so darned cute. And yes by all means, answer in months, not years. Someone asked us the other day how old the twins were and before I could get out "they just turned 2", Matt jumped in with all "they are 2 1/2". I looked and him and gave him the evil eye --- they are NOT 2 1/2 (even though technically they are Dec. 3rd). As far as I am concerned, they will stay just plain ole 2 until the day before they turn 3. I like it that way. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! We have much to be thankful for.

Missy said...

He is so precious, crocodile tears and all!! Where have the months gone. I swear we were just preggo with these baby boys!

Jessi said...

Tell me about it!!! JW is 23 months and it's a roller coaster daily. Now he's decided he doesn't like's to hoping it gets better soon.

He is precious!

Jenn-Neal said...

What a beautiful little boy you have! Love watching him growing up strong and healthy!

Stefenie said...

Awwww!!! Sweet, sweet boy! Gotta love those crocodile tears!