Wednesday, November 14, 2012

what's on my mind: reminiscing.

Thanks to a sweet friend who offered our name and story to Texas Children's public relations department, we headed to the medical center today for a short little interview and filming about Preston's story.

In preparation for today's interview, I re-read some of my old blog posts from the week Preston was born and the events leading up to his birth and then open heart surgery. I'm so glad I journaled those here on this ol' blog of mine.  I can not read through these posts without crying.

I read this one.  So thankful for the doctors and staff at Texas Children's Hospital for the magnificent care they gave us.

Then this post.  I'm forever grateful that the staff was so open and accepting of our family and friends who were there and caring and praying with us.

And this one and it reminded me of just how magnificent the nurses in the CVICU were and how they treated Preston like he was one of their own.

And this post which was my final and 3rd post while my baby was in surgery.

Then I read the letter I wrote to him via this ol' blog the day before he was born.  I went in not knowing what would happen and what the outcome would be, and I now have a 22 month old whose second birthday is in the works.

We're beyond blessed and eternally grateful for modern medicine and the doctors at Texas Children's who treated us like part of the family and not just another case.

The timing on this interview was perfect.  It's certainly helped prepare my heart for the Thanksgiving holiday next week.  It's odd, but I find myself encouraged by the words that I, myself, wrote on the blog two years ago.  Two years ago if someone would've asked me what's the one thing I wanted most in this world, I, without a doubt, would've said Preston here, safe and sound.

I'm not perfect and my life is not perfect (there you go, Aimee and Breann).  It's easy to fall victim to wanting things of this world, to not feel satisfied, or to be overly anxious about getting a jump start on Christmas shopping, but looking back on the words I wrote two years ago helps me not lose touch with the big picture.

I have things that money can not buy.  We have life.  I have family.  We have breath.  My son is thriving.  I feel incredibly blessed.


Dianna said...

Such a sweet post! I got teary-eyed re-reading his birth story.

Missy said...

And...I am crying.
Love you, friend!

Breann said...

Oddly enough, I found myself looking back on Thursday at some of your old blog posts too. This could be (along with the wine) why I was crying at the table while telling the other girls how I felt seeing you holding my son days before yours was arriving without knowing the outcome.
You are a truly strong lady and this is one of the reasons I look up to you!