Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas recap 2012.

Aside from Pooh-Bear, who I already introduced you to, here's the rest of our Christmas story and recap for 2012.

Ms. Rosa has the week off to spend the holidays with her family, but she gave P a battery-powered, ride-on Lightning McQueen before she left.

We travelled to Lufkin on Saturday afternoon where our city slicker toddler turned into an all natural cowboy.  Seriously.   See Pooh-Bear here.

He drove tractors...

 and operated Grrr's backhoe. 

We sported our boots.

Rode his first mechanical (sort of) bull.

Picked out his first cowboy hat and wore it without hesitation.

city slicker dad vs. country bumpkin toddler

We gathered at my grandmother's house on Christmas eve just as I've done for the last 33 years without fail.   It was different with both of my grandparent's being gone this year.  Just didn't feel right, but was sweet and memorable nonetheless especially watching all the little ones. 

sweet cousins

After eating Christmas eve dinner, my aunt planned for the entire family to go out to the cemetery for a candlelight gathering around my grandparents' grave.  Memories were shared and my brother led us in prayer.  It was absolutely perfect.  They were definitely missed but in our hearts.

We left Lufkin at 10 pm to arrive home at midnight.  Since having Preston, the Gherkin and I have a thing about waking up in our own home on Christmas day.  Others don't understand that (points to my dad), but it's important to us. 

We finally put ourselves to bed just after 2 a.m.  Santa must've come during the five hours we were sleeping because we found lots of goodies in our living room the next morning.

On Tuesday, we played and played and ate and ate

We ate a yummy breakfast casserole via the crockpot and put the Gherkin's new Bodum french press to good use. 

There may have been a few pouts throughout the day, but mostly it was a simple and peaceful day.

We played outside with new toys ...

and prepared ourselves for all the predicted rain and bad weather we were supposed to receive. It rained maybe an hour off and on and the rest of the day was bee-u-ti-ful. 

We did find one teeny-tiny puddle though.

After a trip to the park, a neighbor brought us some of his famous veggies and chicken, we ate, the temps dropped quickly, we lit a fire, and cuddled up on the couch to watch Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who movie on tv.

I hate that Christmas is over, but I'm excited about a certain two year old birthday that's going down here in a week and a half. 

Hope your Christmas was as merry.


Sarah said...

He is getting so big! What a cutie. So glad you had a merry Christmas!

Stefenie said...

Love P's pouty face! Too cute! Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

Kristin said...

Agree 100% on kids being at their own house on Christmas morning! Love these pics. Santa brought us a balance bike, tricycle, and the fisher price little racers things too! Funny.

Meg said...

Hi! Found your blog via "Honey We're Home".

Your son is absolutely precious! Love the pics :)

Andie said...

Love his cowboy pictures!!! and I couldn't agree more regarding waking up in your OWN house on Christmas morning! I totally agree!