Sunday, December 30, 2012

holidays+the band perry = a heck of a party

I feel like I have so much to document and so many memories that I want to share (mostly just to have recorded for myself and for my family) on here before the holidays are truly over.  Nothing is worse for me than still blogging about the holiday memories when the post-holiday depression is setting in.  I just need a couple more hours in each day, ya know?!

Anyhow, the Gherkin and I went to his company Christmas party a few weeks ago.  Preston had a slumber party over at Ms. Rosa's house so the Gherkin and I stayed in The Woodlands after the festivities.

They had a photo booth set up.  Below is our "before" picture if you will.

The Band Perry performed at the party.  I think I peed my pants when he told me they would be playing.  I weaseled my way to the stage right before they came on and ended up just a few rows back from the stage. 

Kimberly of The Band Perry, above,  singing Amazing Grace in honor of the lives lost in the Newtown tragedy the day before the party.  Then I fought back the tears when she sang If I Die Young.  That song took on a whole new meaning that night.

After the concert ended we all headed upstairs with the goal of heading into the faux casino.  We never made it there.  Instead we took advantage of the photo booth.  Poor photographers.

And below is our "after" picture.  After which I escorted Mr. Gherkin to his hotel room.  What he's doing in this picture we can never really be sure.


Breann said...

HAHAHAHAH I am dieing laughing at this! Tony needs to make that his profile photo on Facebook because it's AMAZING.

emily said...

One of the women that worked in my office just started at Anadarko today! I was super jealous when I heard who would be the holiday party entertainment too!

And the pictures crack me up. We've never had a photo booth before, but I have had to escort my hubby up to our room at one of my work parties before. :)

Randomly, I think I saw in one of your pictures that you have a chevron rug in your living room. Is it the one from West Elm? If so, do you like it? I am thinking about getting it and would love to hear your thoughts!

Happy New Year!