Friday, December 14, 2012

mr. gherkin's anniversary surprise.

About five days before our anniversary last week I found myself frantic because I had yet to find or even decide on an anniversary gift for the hubby. Of course, Google saves the day. 

I googled six year wedding anniversary gift and learned that it's tradition to give iron or candy (or wood for a more modern day twist on it) at six years.   Lord knows neither of us needs more candy in our lives so I immediately scratched that.  After seeing wood, I immediately thought about us planting a magnolia tree together in our front yard would be sweet and gushy and sentimental, but I guess it wouldn't be wise to plant a tree in the middle of winter so I scratched that idea.

So then I came back to the iron and decided that a new set of golf clubs would be the perfect, iron-based, gift for a number of reasons:
- it keeps with the tradition of giving iron
- a few of his old clubs are broken
- his friends comment that his old clubs are so old that the Smithsonian just might be interested in them 
- I owed it to him after saying that he sucked at golf sometime last year.  He apparently hasn't forgot about that, nor have his friends. 

Not knowing the slightest thing about picking out golf clubs (and thanks Lloyd for steering me in the right direction),  Preston and I picked him up a gift card to a local golf store. 

Since a gift card isn't all that fun to open, I decided to spruce things up a bit.

First up, I used a golf ball monogrammer that I got him a couple of years ago as a stocking stuffer to monogram a box of golf balls. I put the balls in a basket with the gift card.  

Then I sent him on a little scavenger hunt when he got home from work. 

Isn't he cute and am I cheesy or what?!

On our actual anniversary we dined as a family at Maggiano's, which we plan to do more often because we munched on free food and left overs for two days.  But that's another post all together.


Donald said...

cute idea!

Brandie Brown said...

Super neat idea. We had our 9 year wedding anniversary in August and my husband googled the ninth to find out it was pottery. Being the smart one he is, because I would have never thought of it, I got a nice Pottery Barn gift card! Gotta love google!