Sunday, December 9, 2012

six years.

Mr. Gherkin,
Thanks for putting up with me.
Thanks for always calling my cell phone when I can't find it --- even though it's sitting right next to me.
Thank you for six fantastic years.  One was a bit tough, but it made the following two years much sweeter.
Thanks for loving me the way you do.
Happy Anniversary!  Muah.

Photos above from our trash-the-dress session a couple of months after our wedding.  I had forgot about these until I recently saw some that Stephanie tagged us in on facebook.
photo credit: Stephanie Davis Photography


Allyson said...

Happy Anniversary! My 7th anniversary is next week. I loved having a December wedding.

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

love the pics!
happy 6 to y'all!!!

Breann said...

Seriously one of my favorite couples right here. We need to have you guys and Mister P over to play on the playset VERY SOON.

Rosa Ali ramrattan said...

love the pics! Happy Anniversary!
Love your blog