Wednesday, January 9, 2013

dress rehearsal.

For the second time since the new year, in two different devotionals, I've read these exact words, "life is not a dress rehearsal."  

The first time I read it I knew I liked it.  In fact I shared a screen shot of the devotion on instagram. 

The second time I read it, five days later to be exact, I did a double take and was all like "whoa, somebody's trying to tell me something."  

 I'm easily motivated that way, and I totally believe in signs. 

So reading this twice, within the first 5 days of this new year, I think I've found my motto for this year.  My word(s) for 2013, if you will. 

Found this cute little site via pinterest  this week so I turned my little motto for Twenty-Thirteen into a poster. 

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Andie said...

Would you believe a LOOOONG time ago, I got that as my fortune after chinese food and I needed to read it on that day. I really embraced it and I always try to live my life that way! :)

I even took a picture of that fortune when I got it- its on my bio page on my blog! LOL