Friday, January 4, 2013

on having a two year old.

It's pretty much the best thing ever minus the temper tantrums.

He's so animated at this stage.

He's a bit dramatic, but what two year old isn't.  I imagine my two year old may be a bit more dramatic than others considering his mommy won the drama queen award during PA school, but whatever.

Choo-choos are pretty much his favorite things ever.  Closely followed by neigh-neighs aka horses.

He's still highly motivated by music of all types.  He's soothed by music still and goes to bed listening to music every night.  When music's on during the day, he's up and dancing.  Seriously, he's got some bollywood in him.

He can count to three, but it's usually in a mixture of spanish and english so you can barely understand him.  Yes, I've got a Spanglish-speaking kid on my hands.

He says hi Momma and then gives me a huge hug every morning.  That is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

He refers to everything that is big and has wheels as a bubba.  We've been consistent in correcting him with the correct words (tractor or truck), but he still calls them bubbas.  It's kind of cute and I think it's because my brother, who we call Bubba, drives a truck and when waiting for him to pull up one time I kept saying watch for Bubba.  From that point on everything with wheels has been a bubba.

He never misses an auna (aka his mix between the English and Spanish word for airplane) in the sky.   He'll watch it until it's gone and then say bye-bye auna.

Yes, his boots are on the wrong feet, but I let them be because he put them on himself.  

Gherkin often tells P to shake it off when he falls or gets a minor injury so now P stands up and shakes his head a few times if/when he falls down.  So he shakes it off, literally.

Loves to play hide and seek.  Probably going to regret teaching him this one since he can hide in more places than I can.

He's a bit obsessed with brushing his teeth and doing in by himself.

Loves to give high fives and knuckles.

He folds his hands together to make praying hands before we go to bed most nights.  I say a quick prayer to which Preston ends with either a yay or amen.  It totally depends on his mood.

Calls Ms. Rosa momma, too.  Gherkin thinks it's hii-lar-ee-ous.  Mommy, well, not so much, but she worships Rosa too. 

I've been trying to get him to say I love you.  On Wednesday night we made some ground breaking progress except it wasn't I love you, momma it was love you choo-choo.  Hey, at least he's lovin' right?


It's been such a privilege to be his mommy for two years.  I pray that I have many more precious years with this guy.  Blessed beyond measure here.

Happy birthday, Sweet P!


Jessi said...

Happy Birthday P!!!

Breann said...

I can't wait to see him tomorrow!
Logan says "airpane" and also tells them bye bye! haha

Missy said...

Happy Birthday Preston! We love you!!

Jenette said...

Your sweet boy is just precious! Happy Birthday to him!! Two is great:)

Lori said...

Sweet, sweet!!! So familiar...they would be such good friends, I think!!! Happy birthday, sweet boy!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Happy Birthday! He's got such great expressions!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Preston! BTW - love that thing on your faucet! My Kay needs one!

Andie said...

He is so freaking adorable!

Happy Birthday P! :)