Tuesday, January 8, 2013

preston does two { with two cupcakes }.

So we woke up to cold temps and runny noses on Preston's actual birthday, but that didn't stop us from celebrating.  

We started the day by heading to Crave Cupcakes for a mid-morning breakfast.  They serve breakfast cupcakes, and I love their coffee (thanks to Katie!).
After enjoying an almond-cranberry cupcake and a cake-donut cupcake, we grabbed a few to go for an after dinner treat for later that night. 

I then went to Barnes and Nobles to pick up a few gifts and got stuck for an hour in the kid's area.  Preston made a new friend and they shared and played with trains for close to an hour.  Turned out to be a nice way to kill an hour and visit with another mom before nap time.  He feel asleep in the car on the way home.  Easy peasy.  

After pizza that night, we let P blow out his candle and eat his cupcake.  Chocolate on vanilla. One of my favorites.

don't mind the bruise on his forehead. playground accident.

I was glad his actual birthday fell on a Friday and that I could be home to spend the day with him.  Consider January 4th a holiday on my schedule from here on out.

So far two is looking good. 


Missy said...

That sweet face melts my heart! Glad he had such a wonderful 2nd birthday!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

Gosh that boy is gorgeous! happy birthday P

Stefenie said...

Happy Birthday Preston! Cute cupcake photos!

Lori said...

Love! I think we are going to hold Lukeapalooza for a week every year now. At least, he thinks we are, ha ha!

Happy Birthday sweet boy! How did you kiddos hit two so quickly??????

emily said...

Happy birthday to your sweet boy! Looks like a wonderful day (especially if Crave was involved)!

Andie said...

so sweet! what a great day! :)