Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a blessing.

Our pastor, in his Leaving a Legacy series, shared his definition of a blessing on Sunday.  My heart clung to this.  When I say I needed to hear this, I needed to hear this. 

This drove the whole leaving a legacy thing home for me.  Not that the entire series hasn't been good, but the particular sermon resonated with me.

This sermon, one of my favorites and one that hushed and stilled the entire crowd for a good 25 minutes, encouraged me in this way ---


It encouraged me to be a blessing to my family, my son, and to others.
It has motivated me, like nothing else has, to use my words to create a positive reality for my son.

 He also added that our words create reality.  My words as a mother are creating Preston's reality.   The words I speak today can become my son's reality and may one day become my legacy and my son's legacy.

You can watch the sermon here if you wish.


Love covers a multitude of sin.
1 Peter 4:8 

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Andie said...

Love this post. It's oh so true that we should aim for this!

Thanks for sharing!