Sunday, April 7, 2013

easter 2013 memories.

SLUMC Easter picnic and egg hunt
SLUMC  Easter picnic and egg hunt
Easter Sunday. Dude totally agreed to a picture with his daddy.  His mommy, not so much.  
We're still finding confetti from the confetti eggs //  Easter breakfast 2013 consisted of bacon, Chuy's chips and dip, and Pez.

I discovered that I had Rubella a rash spreading from head to toe a few hours after church. Just kidding, of the five doctors I saw, not one of them thought it was rubella.  It's gone now. Only lasted a couple of days.  Long enough, though, to send every worst-case-scenario through this brain of mine. 


Jules said...

Preston's breakfast sounds a lot like Bennetts- he had mini corn dogs the other day :) Cute pictures!!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

omg i need that pez buzz! we hate the candy but the dispensers rock!