Tuesday, April 16, 2013

pregnancy thoughts

10 weeks // heart beat = 156 bpm

This pregnancy is flying by. I'm almost 12 weeks now.
Given our CHD history, I'll be doing some specialized, non-invasive testing next week in addition to the first trimester screening.  This special testing, called MaterniT-21, will also reveal the baby's gender.  The specialist I'm seeing is also known for spilling the sex too, and tends to feel quite certain of what she sees.

As excited as I am to find out the sex, I'm also surprisingly a little disappointed to know so early.  I'm not saying I'd like to wait until the birth, but maybe a few more weeks.  There's something fun in the suspense of not knowing.  That being said, I have absolutely no will power (see the cupcake pic below) so when they ask me next week if I want to know I will, without a doubt, say yes.

Once we know all the results and have some time to fully soak it all in, we'll share. It probably won't be right away though. I'm pretty excited to spend some time, privately, bonding with this little babe.  Will I be a boy-mom (which is something I dreamed about, literally, as a teenage girl) or will I be a mom to one of each?

Here's what I know so far:
1- whoa, belly!  turns out that thing gets out there quicker the second time around.
2 -  I have a major sweet tooth.  My most recent craving, funfetti cupcakes with rainbow chip icing.

3- Although I still don't think he fully comprehends, Preston's waves at my belly and says "hi, baby."  He's also pretty attached to me lately.

4- I'm finally starting to feel normal again. The first trimester did take the wind out of my sails for a bit, but overall I'm extremely blessed to be in this state of "growing a human" --- that certainly trumps the bad.  


Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

PLEASE DON'T KEEP US IN SUSPENSE! you won't will you? hee hee

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Now I am craving a funfetti cupcake :) Hope the testing goes well. I will keep y'all in my prayers!

Dianna said...

The pregnancy definitely seems to fly by the second timea round. I can't believe I only have 7 weeks left. I look forward to hearing the gender as well as the name! Best of luck with the testing.

Ashley Paige said...

... and now I would like a funfetti cupcake. thinking of you and that sweet baby these next few weeks! i cannot wait for you to share the news! P-man will be such an incredible big brother no matter what!!

Tiffany said...

so glad you're feeling better! cannot wait to hear the news! praying all goes well with the testing next week :)

Kristin said...

AMAZING! Such a wonderful blessing and I am so happy for your family! It is insane how quickly the belly pops the second time. Here's to great news about a healthy baby!

Katharine @ SouthernBourbonMountains said...

Um, that is my favorite cupcake combo EVER! Just seeing the picture makes me want some! Congratulations to you and I also secretly want to be a boy mama all around!

Jenna said...

Jumping over from your guest post. OMG....thanks...now I want a funfetti cupcake and frosting!! (I'm 28w pregnant.) Mmmmmm!! :)