Wednesday, April 24, 2013


See that tongue?  He totally gets that from me (and from my aunt and I think from one of my uncles).  We stick our tongues out when we're concentrating. It's just what we do.  I think it helps. 

Coloring and building a lego farm totally requires concentration.  Thus, the tongue.

See that head of hair above?  It was tamed recently.  It's the shortest his hair has ever been.  Don't look closely,though, because one side is a little jacked up. He was over getting his hair did once she got to the left side.  You can see some shots of his newly-tamed hair below. 

He is so fun!  I found myself a little choked up on Monday night thinking about how I only have six months left of just 'me and him' time before a new little person requires quite a bit of my attention.  A friend once told me how she felt like she initially 'mourned' her time with her first child when she became pregnant with her second.  I get that now.   It's certainly a bittersweet time.


Cristi Atchley said...

The little pictures of Preston made me laugh! As a former preschool teacher, whenever we were trying to get our four-year-old squirmy students to settle down and concentrate... we would tell them to use the tongue method! At once, they would all stick their little tongues out at the side of their mouth and really concentrated hard!

Not sure if it *actually* helps, but it sure made for some cute photo opportunities! Wink!

Great post! And best wishes on your upcoming miracle of life! Preston's gonna be a great big brother!

Alyssa said...

Cute! My Preston sticks his tongue out, too when he concentrates.

Breann Nash said...

Logan has no interest in actually building anything with his legos, he just makes a huge mess with them!
Love the haircut!!!

klb said...

Add his Pawpaw to the list of the TONGUE deal.