Friday, May 31, 2013

da bump : 18 weeks

An au naturel bump picture for this Friday.  Truth is this is what I sport most Fridays --- work out attire (even on days I don't step outside to walk or on the treadmill) and no make-up. 

Don't ask me how in the world I managed to get Preston and both dogs in the picture and half-way looking at the camera.  It's a miracle. 

Now off to finish packing --- we're beach bound soon. 


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

on choosing the name.

Thank you for your sweet and kind words regarding baby girl's name

I was actually kind of shocked about the names that started filling our lists for both boy and girl.  They are not names that I ever thought I'd pick --- you know back in the day when we all dream about having kids and what they're names would be.

Our short list for a boy is above.  I loved Ford. The hubby wasn't sure. In the end, had this baby been a boy, his name would probably have been Pierson.  Pierson and Preston --- that has a nice ring to it.

I had a feeling it was a girl so that list had more names on it than our boy list did.  Of all the names above, our top two choices were Hadley, which we have chosen to call our baby girl, and Pearson.  In the end, we felt Pearson was a little to surname-ish so Hadley it is.  Preston and Hadley --- sounds lovely, no?

A few big appointments coming up in the next few weeks (20 week anatomy scan and then a fetal echocardiogram) has me a little on edge. I keep telling myself we rolled with the punches (through God's grace of course) when we found out about Preston, and if need be we'll roll with the punches again if any come up with Hadley.  I've prayed and continue to pray that they don't though. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

father's day via minted

Father's Day is just around the corner.  Minted contacted me asking me to check out some father day ideas. Initially, I was stuck thinking what in the world would my husband enjoy from minted.  Me?  If I need any type of stationary, invitations, and now party goods you better bet minted will be one of the first sites I check out.  For the husband, I was at a loss.

Then I got on the site, and had a hard time narrowing it down.  There are many great art pieces that are masculine enough for a man cave or his office, and some so sweet that dad would have no choice but to love it (like the one of the left below). 

I LOVE their options for father's day cards.  How adorable is the football and tea parties card below? 

I opted to go for some personal stationary for the Gherkin since all of the stationary we have now has both of our names on it or our family name in the plural state.  Definitely a good decision.

As always, the product was so well packaged that I had a hard time opening it. 

Now on to his stationary.  His very own, masculine stationary.
last name covered for security purposes

The Gherkin likes it.  His thoughts, in his words ::

"I like it because it's on quality paper, it's masculine, no flowers, and professional.  I could definitely put these to use at work."

Pineapples and Pickles' readers can get 10% off and FREE SHIPPING (ground) on all Father's Day gifts (including art) and cards from minted using the promo code PPDAD10SHIP (valid 05.24.13- 06.06.13).

The Gherkin received complementary stationary in exchange for this post. As always, though, all opinions expressed above are my own. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

and we will call her.

Hadley ::
because we love it, it's still a fairly unique name, we may call her Haddie (my greatgrandmother's name was Addie), but time will tell on that --- I need to see her first!

a spin on my grandmother's name, which was Louise, whom I did and still do treasure and thank Jesus for every single day.

Now let the monogramming begin!

Friday, May 24, 2013

da bump :: 17 wks

We heard her heartbeat today --- high 130s and low 140s.
I've gained two pounds since my last office visit one month ago, bringing my total weight gain to 9 pounds so far.
We'll likely share the name next week if not over this long weekend.
I'm itching to get something monogrammed. 

Happy Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

this and that.

It's Sunday night (yes, I started writing this post Sunday night), and Preston went to bed early tonight since he skipped his nap time to celebrate a sweet friend's baptism.  He has a love/hate relationship with said friend's older sister by the way.  In the end we (we being her mom and I) think they'll be great friends as they share many of the same OCD characteristics. 

So anyhow he went to bed early and instead of basking in my few hours of alone time, I felt a little pinch in my heart --- I was already missing him and he'd only been out for five minutes.  Silliness!

My crazy little pregnancy brain/emotions/hormones need to realize that all to quickly we'll be a walking zombie again, moody as ever, with a husband who swears he'll leave me if I don't stop acting like a crazed lunatic.  It's not a bad thing to enjoy our quiet time when we get it.  No need to let that innate mommy guilt slip in all the dang time. 

Moving on, we let Preston swim diaper-free, which quickly became trunk-free, in his plastic, backyard pool this weekend.  His fun came to a halt as he "poo-poo in da auga, momma."  He was and still is so proud of himself.  Now if we could just get him to 'poo-poo' in his potty. 

I've already decided that Preston will gift his baby sister with this or this when she's born.


 She'll undoubtedly need to have plenty of gifts for him too when he comes to the hospital to see her.  Any good ideas?

I can't believe we've managed to hold out this long, but we're now a Costco member family.  I bought a membership from Zulily today.  If you purchase through Zulily  then the $55 membership scores you $50 worth of freebies from Costco.  So that makes the cost really only five bucks!

I adore the cartoon Charlie and Lolo and can't help but watch it when Preston does. Maybe baby girl will come out with one of those adorable British accents.

We are close to deciding on a name for baby girl, known so far as Cupcake.  Preston was waving 'hi' to his baby sister last night and I said say hi to _______.  He then, with his paci in his mouth, repeated the name, which is #1 on our list so far, and I pretty much melted.  The way he said it probably just solidified that it will be her name. 

I can't quit thinking about those kids in Moore, OK buried under that rubble from yesterday's tornadoes. Heartbreaking.  My heart breaks and my mind gets torn from all the recent tragedies that seem to happen all too frequently these days (Boston, Newtown, deadly tornadoes, terrorist attacks).  In the end I fall back on these thoughts:
God is good all the time. God works even in the midst of tragedies, and God hurts with us.
And I love something our pastor shared with the congregation not too long along --- Revelations 21 tells us that one day, "neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away."  In his words, the world is not yet restored to its perfected state, but it will.

Monday, May 20, 2013

aviation saturday.

Itching for something kid friendly and free, we took Preston out to Hook's airport one Saturday.  It's small, but gets plenty of action with planes taking off and landing.  The cafe was closed since it was Easter weekend (I know, I know, I'm playing catch up), but who needs food when the aviation school that neighbors the airport let us come and play in their hangar and on their runway.  I nearly fainted when they put Preston in one of the planes.  They definitely read his mind. 

Preston was absolutely beside himself, and Mr. Gherkin, well, aviation is his dream.  Those two were over the top giddy.

Before leaving, we hung out in the shade, by the pond, and watched the ducks swim and the planes fly over.

Friday, May 17, 2013

da bump {16 weeks}

13 weeks
Lake Austin // before we knew the sex
15 weeks
we know it's a girl // much undecided on name.
16 weeks
slow morning at the office = my nurse takes my bump picture
with a full heart at 16 wks

My doctor told me that maybe I should eat more at my 14 week appointment.  My weight was up 7 lbs overall, but I hadn't gained anything in a month (which prompted her concern).  I'm convinced I gained so much so quickly in the beginning because she put me on progesterone (yuck!) as my levels were low.  Since stopping that cruel, cruel medication my weight gain has slowed.  Taking her advice to heart, though, I'm sucking down a peach milkshake from Chick-fil-A as I type this.  They're available for a limited time, and I highly recommend getting yourself one. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

my spring favorites {a camera dump}

I wanted to document some of my favorite pictures from this spring that I haven't shared yet.  Some I took this weekend, but most of them were snapped during my no-blogging-for-lent break.  Want to get them on here before it gets too far out.

The first pictures are actually from yesterday, Mother's Day 2013, and are probably some of my favorites of him ever. I mean what's not to love about the combo of a two year old, a cowboy hat, and saggin', way too big for him swim trunks. 

I let him paint with the corn starch/ food coloring concoction that's all over pinterest, and this is how that ended.  TMI, I know, but his boogers are even coming out green. 

Here are some favorites from early Spring.

Love these Sunday School gals.  

a positive pregnancy test!

houston livestock show and rodeo

he loved the goats.

and the pigs.

my husband and his mini me. 

our confederate jasmine in full bloom for the first time ( see the progress here.) 

I didn't see many bluebonnets this year.  Anyone else notice this too?  We did find a small patch on an early morning walk though. 

Can't believe summer is about to be here.  I'm scared --- we've have a very nice April and May, temp wise, here in Houston, but I'm fairly certain I've seen the last of my 70 and 80 degree days for this pregnancy. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

guest post // all about mommy

Jen from Down with the Dearmore's sent me an e-mail last week, introduced herself, and asked me to guest post in her All About Mommy series for Mother's Day.  Moments later we realized that we have a mutual 'in real life' friend (hi Lyndsay!).  Anyhow, excited to be part of Jen's series.  You can see my guest post here.  I talk about some favorite baby items I'm looking forward to reusing come this fall and even some new items I can't wait to get my hands on.

Thanks for the opportunity, Jen.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

why I thought pink.

Still processing the idea of having a girl!

As I mentioned in this post, I was fairly certain there was a little girl growing in there.   Other than just mother's intuition, here's why ::

I felt incredibly different than I did with Preston.

Much more tired this time.

I have a major sweet tooth.  I haven't asked for fried pickles yet this pregnancy, but there hasn't been a day that's gone by that I didn't indulge is some type of sweet treat.

I feel like I'm carrying high and I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that my abs haven't seen the likes of a core exercise or crunch in a long, long time.

ACNE. I've had some major breakouts.

The Chinese gender calender predicted I was pregnant with a baby girl.

My hands have been extremely soft, and according to an old wives' tale soft hands (as opposed to dry hands) = girl. 

I immediately started carrying extra weight in my hips and bum.  I feel like the day I found out I was pregnant, I instantly grew two pant sizes. 

I experienced more nausea this time than I did with Preston. 

My urine was a dull yellow.  TMI, sorry.  Old wives' tale that I found to be true.  

And finally, Preston became pretty clingy with me the past few weeks.  After witnessing P's clinginess (that's totally a word, right?) herself, my nanny declared this baby a girl at the breakfast table one morning.

So there you have it.

I guess I can now share all my favorite pins I've been collecting in a secret board on pinterest.  I know there were some of you who had a close eye on me, especially my pinterest boards (yes, I'm looking at you, Allison H.) in attempt to figure out if it was a boy or girl.  So I kept them hidden until yesterday.

she can totally wear ballet shoes, for fun, anytime she wants // love the kneee patches // all sources found here

 love pink buffalo check window treatments // that dress, I die // all sources here 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

boy or girl?

My first trimester screening went well and the MaterniT- 21 testing came back with very low chances of any of the trisomies.  That being the most important, and thank you, Sweet Jesus, for hearing our prayers. 

The blood work also confirmed what the tech and the doctor saw on ultrasound last Monday ---
It's a girl! 

Preston's going to have a baby sister.
And I'm two for two.  I had a feeling this one was a girl, and I knew Preston was a boy.
Mr. Gherkin, although very pleased that I'm two for two, is adamant that I will not have the chance to be three for three.  

I would've been pleased either way, but I'm beyond excited to add some pink to our world.