Monday, May 20, 2013

aviation saturday.

Itching for something kid friendly and free, we took Preston out to Hook's airport one Saturday.  It's small, but gets plenty of action with planes taking off and landing.  The cafe was closed since it was Easter weekend (I know, I know, I'm playing catch up), but who needs food when the aviation school that neighbors the airport let us come and play in their hangar and on their runway.  I nearly fainted when they put Preston in one of the planes.  They definitely read his mind. 

Preston was absolutely beside himself, and Mr. Gherkin, well, aviation is his dream.  Those two were over the top giddy.

Before leaving, we hung out in the shade, by the pond, and watched the ducks swim and the planes fly over.


Missy said...

I love the way P smiles at his daddy!!

kristyo15 said...

That is one of our favorite places. You were only about 20 minutes from us! {cough, cough} :) They are SO nice out there, they did that with Trey at about the same age.

Andie said...

I love this! We live about 10 minutes from the airport here and most of the planes fly over our house pretty often. Andrew will say "airplane!" when he sees them and he cheers. I told Scott we should park near the airport one day so he can watch all of the planes taking off and coming in! Free fun for all!

That is awesome that Preston got to sit inside, etc! :) How fun!

Oh, and did you see that Disney has a movie coming out this summer called Planes? It's like the plane version of Cars. :)