Monday, May 13, 2013

my spring favorites {a camera dump}

I wanted to document some of my favorite pictures from this spring that I haven't shared yet.  Some I took this weekend, but most of them were snapped during my no-blogging-for-lent break.  Want to get them on here before it gets too far out.

The first pictures are actually from yesterday, Mother's Day 2013, and are probably some of my favorites of him ever. I mean what's not to love about the combo of a two year old, a cowboy hat, and saggin', way too big for him swim trunks. 

I let him paint with the corn starch/ food coloring concoction that's all over pinterest, and this is how that ended.  TMI, I know, but his boogers are even coming out green. 

Here are some favorites from early Spring.

Love these Sunday School gals.  

a positive pregnancy test!

houston livestock show and rodeo

he loved the goats.

and the pigs.

my husband and his mini me. 

our confederate jasmine in full bloom for the first time ( see the progress here.) 

I didn't see many bluebonnets this year.  Anyone else notice this too?  We did find a small patch on an early morning walk though. 

Can't believe summer is about to be here.  I'm scared --- we've have a very nice April and May, temp wise, here in Houston, but I'm fairly certain I've seen the last of my 70 and 80 degree days for this pregnancy. 

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Jules said...

Love those pics! Preston in his too big swim trucks is too cute! I didn't know that you know Meghan Kaazman too! Small small world :)