Tuesday, May 21, 2013

this and that.

It's Sunday night (yes, I started writing this post Sunday night), and Preston went to bed early tonight since he skipped his nap time to celebrate a sweet friend's baptism.  He has a love/hate relationship with said friend's older sister by the way.  In the end we (we being her mom and I) think they'll be great friends as they share many of the same OCD characteristics. 

So anyhow he went to bed early and instead of basking in my few hours of alone time, I felt a little pinch in my heart --- I was already missing him and he'd only been out for five minutes.  Silliness!

My crazy little pregnancy brain/emotions/hormones need to realize that all to quickly we'll be a walking zombie again, moody as ever, with a husband who swears he'll leave me if I don't stop acting like a crazed lunatic.  It's not a bad thing to enjoy our quiet time when we get it.  No need to let that innate mommy guilt slip in all the dang time. 

Moving on, we let Preston swim diaper-free, which quickly became trunk-free, in his plastic, backyard pool this weekend.  His fun came to a halt as he "poo-poo in da auga, momma."  He was and still is so proud of himself.  Now if we could just get him to 'poo-poo' in his potty. 

I've already decided that Preston will gift his baby sister with this or this when she's born.


 She'll undoubtedly need to have plenty of gifts for him too when he comes to the hospital to see her.  Any good ideas?

I can't believe we've managed to hold out this long, but we're now a Costco member family.  I bought a membership from Zulily today.  If you purchase through Zulily  then the $55 membership scores you $50 worth of freebies from Costco.  So that makes the cost really only five bucks!

I adore the cartoon Charlie and Lolo and can't help but watch it when Preston does. Maybe baby girl will come out with one of those adorable British accents.

We are close to deciding on a name for baby girl, known so far as Cupcake.  Preston was waving 'hi' to his baby sister last night and I said say hi to _______.  He then, with his paci in his mouth, repeated the name, which is #1 on our list so far, and I pretty much melted.  The way he said it probably just solidified that it will be her name. 

I can't quit thinking about those kids in Moore, OK buried under that rubble from yesterday's tornadoes. Heartbreaking.  My heart breaks and my mind gets torn from all the recent tragedies that seem to happen all too frequently these days (Boston, Newtown, deadly tornadoes, terrorist attacks).  In the end I fall back on these thoughts:
God is good all the time. God works even in the midst of tragedies, and God hurts with us.
And I love something our pastor shared with the congregation not too long along --- Revelations 21 tells us that one day, "neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away."  In his words, the world is not yet restored to its perfected state, but it will.


The Fields Family said...

You will love Costco. We buy all our diapers and wipes there. They usually go on sale once every few months and we stock up, so then they are really cheap.

Alyssa said...

When my Preston was born, he got his big sister a bag of things to keep her busy when I was busy with him- markers, coloring books, etc. She was thrilled and kept her busy.