Monday, June 24, 2013

watersound // part four

I lied about this post being my last Watersound post.  I thought it would be and then she e-mailed these.  Love, love, love and wanted to document a few of my favorites on the ol' blog. 

photo credit: Cocoa L. Photography

Friday, June 21, 2013

da bump :: 21 weeks

missed last week --- toddler had a 103 temp which he passed to me a few days later.  sharing is caring, right?!

I met with my favorite pediatric cardiologist this week.  I absolutely love her.  She absolutely adores Preston and said she felt like a "proud grandmother" when she saw my name on her schedule for a fetal echo.  As much as we adore each other, we're both happy that it doesn't look like this baby will need to see her as a patient, only when we take big brother for a check-up.  She said Hadley's heart is "boringly normal."  Praise Jesus for the boring and the normal.

Monday, June 17, 2013

watersound // part three

Thanks for bearing with me and delighting in all our pics from Watersound.  Last post, I promise. 
there's that yellow wagon again.

Enough with the camera.

an evening in Seaside and a trip to Frost Bites

about as bed-head as he gets

And a few of my instagram faves. 

red snapper from the dads' day at sea.

Friday, June 14, 2013

watersound // part two

love the different colors of the water.

sweet Audrey, our goddaughter, LOVE her.

Little (ha!) Terry and his mommy

This was my favorite house in Watersound.  Love the spacious porch,  and especially love the landscaping with the pops of lavender against the white sand. 

footprints in the sand

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

watersound // part one

These are photos from our first couple of days in Watersound.

Know that he did eventually take these binoculars off but only after wearing them the entire day before we left for Florida and the whole car ride to Florida.  All 12 hours of it.

Pay attention because this wagon makes an appearance everyday.  Boy was obsessed with this thing.  Still is.  It came home with us and is in our house (yes, in) as I type. 

our first morning in Watersound. There's something magical about waking up and knowing you're on vacation at the beach.  (I spy the binoculars again)

Sweet Allie girl!

day 2 with plenty of sunscreen and these are his legs.  can see that little bit of hispanic in him coming out.

evening stroll on the beach, day 2

good mornin', Watersound, Day 3

Audrey and Preston and Finding Nemo

Evening stroll, Day 3 (I think)
I love the sweet little picture above of Allie and Preston.  Moments later they took off running down the street with both dads chasing them when they wouldn't stop.  As the dads yelled for them to stop and finally caught up they overheard Allie saying, "I just want him to do his best" in reference to Preston. So that became our motto and instagram hashtag for the week, #doyourbest2013.

part 2 coming soon. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

because I have to document this.

Remember back in the fall that Preston's cardiologist said to stop the Captopril that he took three times a day?  (original post here)

As exciting as it was to know that she considered Preston's heart healthy enough to stop, I was a bit sad.  And scared.

Sad because, well, I'd given that medication to him three times a day from the age of 2 weeks old when he was discharged from the hospital.  Stopping it was like cutting the umbilical cord once again.

Scared becuase, well, how would I know if his condition started declining as a result of stopping the medicine.  Just as luck would have time, Preston came down with a stomach bug about 2 weeks after stopping it.  He was lethargic and his belly was a bit distended.  In hindsight, I know that can completely happen with any gastroenteritis, but y'all know me by now, I freaked out thinking it was totally related to his heart.  

I called his cardiologist, she reassured me but told me she would meet me in clinic if needed the day before Thanksgiving to check out his heart if his symptoms weren't better in a couple of days.  Within a day, he was back to himself.  I think I finally started to breath easier then.

Anyhow, back to my story, that full bottle of liquid, compounded medication has been sitting in my fridge since November.  I couldn't bring myself to pour it out.  When I opened the fridge I saw it, and it would remind me of how far we'd come, Preston had come, and how blessed we were.  He went from doctor's doubting his ability to survive to taking absolutely no medications at all (knocks on wood). 

If you follow me on instagram you might have seen that I finally worked up the nerve to pour out his old medication a couple of weeks ago.

It tugged on my heart strings a bit, but overall I felt extremely blessed and really grateful for a healthy boy!

Thankful for the opportunity to witness this miracle and to serve a God who can do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine.  (Eph 3:20).

Sunday, June 9, 2013

i'm back

Back from paradise that is.
We spent last week at Watersound Beach in Florida with two other lovely families.  Not looking forward to dusting off those work shoes and heading back to work this week.  Life is better in flip flops. 

I'm slowly going through all of the pictures I took, but here's a sneak peek at two of my favorites.

I love this picture above.  LOVE. One because only God could create something this beautiful, and two because it was a moment I shared with just my son.  I can't remember what everyone else was doing or where my husband was, but Preston and I jumped in the golf cart and headed to the beach one evening. Not sure if it was the pregnancy hormones, the beautiful view, watching my son run and laugh on the beach, or a combination of it all, but I had tears running down my cheeks at one point in during the sunset.  Ultimately, I remember feeling consumed with so much thankfulness for all the blessings in my life. Loved this sweet ten minutes of my life and never want to forget it or the way I felt. 

Then this is my second favorite picture.  We were running their bath water when we walked out and found them hiding in bed, covered in sunscreen, and sandy from head to toe. You can tell by their sweet expressions how much fun they were having.  This picture sums up our vacation --- we had a lot of fun.  Can't wait to document more, and can't wait until we return next year!

(more on that later)

Friday, June 7, 2013

da {beach} bump:: 19 weeks

Celebrated 19 weeks of being pregnant with baby Hadley today in Watersound Beach, Florida.  Since this is a repeat c-section, I'm guessing I'll deliver at 38 -39 weeks.  So that means I'm halfway there.  Not going to lie, that freaks me out a little.

Not only am I celebrating 19 weeks today, we also celebrated National Donut Day, Florida-style, at Charlie's Donut Truck.