Wednesday, June 12, 2013

watersound // part one

These are photos from our first couple of days in Watersound.

Know that he did eventually take these binoculars off but only after wearing them the entire day before we left for Florida and the whole car ride to Florida.  All 12 hours of it.

Pay attention because this wagon makes an appearance everyday.  Boy was obsessed with this thing.  Still is.  It came home with us and is in our house (yes, in) as I type. 

our first morning in Watersound. There's something magical about waking up and knowing you're on vacation at the beach.  (I spy the binoculars again)

Sweet Allie girl!

day 2 with plenty of sunscreen and these are his legs.  can see that little bit of hispanic in him coming out.

evening stroll on the beach, day 2

good mornin', Watersound, Day 3

Audrey and Preston and Finding Nemo

Evening stroll, Day 3 (I think)
I love the sweet little picture above of Allie and Preston.  Moments later they took off running down the street with both dads chasing them when they wouldn't stop.  As the dads yelled for them to stop and finally caught up they overheard Allie saying, "I just want him to do his best" in reference to Preston. So that became our motto and instagram hashtag for the week, #doyourbest2013.

part 2 coming soon. 


Breann Nash said...

Logan has a pretty good tan going too. He has that Cajun in him from Lee.
Me? 6 weeks of having a pool in my home and I just have more freckles.

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

SO PRECIOUS. I die over the binoculars picture :) Looks like a great time :)

Suvi said...

Too cute!

Melissa said...

Where do you order Preston's monogramed shirts? I have been looking for a place to order shirts for my son.