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Keeping a Clean House with Lively Kids

Trying something new here.  A handful of people have contacted me recently about guest posting here on Pineapples and Pickles. I didn't know how to proceed initially as I like tend to be a little particular about the content on this blog. Control freak, here.  End the end, I decided to give it a shot, and I've clearly been at a loss for posts and content lately.  I know that some bloggers charge a fee for guest posts, and some of the guest bloggers have offered compensation in exchange for a guest post.  I didn't quite feel right about charging so instead I've asked guest bloggers to make a small contribution to Texas Children's Hospital here or into a paypal account that can then be sent to TCH.  All that being said, let me know if you're interested in being a guest author on Pineapples and Pickles.  So enough rambling, here's Lisa.


Hello Pineapples and Pickles readers! This is Lisa Jolan and I am glad to be here with you. Thanks to Tiffanie for allowing me to do a guest post here, today I am going to share some tips about how you can keep a clean house with lively kids. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or Pinterest.

Having kids and having an impeccably clean house at the same time are probably impossible. As with many things in our adult lives, this is also where we need to make compromises. Children, even the most quiet and peaceful ones, need to constantly grow and develop, and for that they need to break and smear many things around the house before they learn about boundaries and consequences. So, if having kid’s means doubling our efforts to keep the house decently clean, this is what we have to do.

Discipline and Games:
The best thing you can have in your home is team work in all areas of family life, including tidying up on weekends or whenever you have time. Everyone should help out according to their capabilities. Children’s chores are usually vacuuming and dusting on weekends if you don’t have vacuum than you need to visit here to see a great collection, shopping for everyday groceries like bread and milk, washing their dishes after each meal, setting and cleaning up the table for meals, etc. The sooner you teach children to do these things, the better.

Some kids are lazier than others, some are stubborn and rebellious and it is not easy getting them to cooperate. Thanks to games, all this can be fixed. Children need motivation to do things that are not fun and pleasant, so instead of threatening them with punishment or telling them that they must clean, it is much better to turn tidying up into a game. Who’ll cut carrots quicker? Who will vacuum dirt from under the bed and prevent dirt monsters from forming? Who can make the kitchen shine and be prettier than all kitchens in the neighborhood? Of course, it doesn’t hurt to include prizes from time to time for the best cleaner.

Allowing and Forbidding:
Children should be clear about things in their home that are off limits and things that are allowed. Basically, everything that might hurt them, like sockets, knives, sharp edges, etc. should be off limits. You should really make it a point of explaining why they can’t play around dangerous areas. On the other hand, forbidding everything is not good for their intellectual development. Why shouldn’t they spin around or jump from a chair to a bed and back? If they never fall, they’ll never learn how to cope with pain, how to get up and continue on their way. It might be fun to allow them a corner where it doesn’t matter if they get some paint on walls or furniture.

What to do with furniture “treated” by kids:
Whether your furniture is old or new, fancy or plain, bought via online shops, Shop 4 Furniture has a great collection of furniture online, or at a yard sale in your neighborhood, you probably don’t want it to be smeared with pens and torn by children who perform all kinds of “operations” on your bed and sofa.

However, you can’t expect children to behave the way you plan them to, so a little smear on furniture here and there is common. When that happens, you should react immediately with appropriate chemicals for the type of fabric on your sofa/chair/bed. If you react too late and nothing helps, you should look into reupholstering furniture and giving your home a new look with new furniture pattern and colours. The best way to keep your home tidy with lively kids is to always include them in family errands and instill in them a love for all aspects of home. Cleaning and redecoration can be lots of fun, and they should learn that very early on.

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Thanks, Lisa.  I really like the idea of giving children their own 'corner' to paint on the walls or get messy.  I keep telling this husband that Preston needs a chalkboard wall in his new room --- I might just have to do it with out without his blessing.  I also love the idea of making chores a friendly 'game' to help motivate kiddos to help around the house.  Brilliant.  

I'll be back later this week with some pictures of our last couple of trips.  Now that our travels are over, Preston's room is almost complete, and the nursery is in full swing I should have more time for blogging.

There are still a few more outfits left for sale from Preston's closet here.  I've already seen a couple of cute kiddos on instagram wearing some of the outfits.  That makes me smile .... thanks for sharing!

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