Sunday, July 28, 2013

To clean or not to clean?


We've all seen them.  Those 'excuse the mess but we live here' quotes and signs.  Cute and true.  Sometimes though they strike a chord with me.  It almost insinuates that you can't have or do both at the same time.  I disagree. You can have both.  Sure, let's make a mess and have fun, but you bet we're going to sing the 'clean up' song afterwards or at the end of the day and clean up after ourselves.  I've tried to stay as organized as possible with a 2.5 year old, creatively placing coordinating baskets here and there to keep toys and other gadgets organized and put up when we're done playing with them.  Yes, we live, but  yes, we stay clean also.

All that being said, I'll admit that I totally cheat.  I do admire women and moms who do it all themselves.  Clean, stay at home with the kiddos, cook, clean, then repeat and repeat.  I do cheat, though, because I do hire a cleaning lady to come in every 2-3 weeks to help with the deep cleaning.  We're blessed that we've been able to continue to work that into our budget. Cleaning stinkin' bathrooms gets old and I find that's the most time consuming part of cleaning. So I cheat, someone comes and helps clean our bathrooms and do other deep cleaning tasks every few weeks.  It adds up money wise overtime, but it also gives me more time to spend with my family on the weekends.  As for the everyday cleaning, we do it.  Everyday. Me and the Gherkin (along with the nanny's sweet and super kind help when she's not chasing Mr. P).

I'm not perfect nor am I trying to portray that, and I get that life is short and those sweet memories need to be made.  Truth be told I started laundry on Friday and put three loads on to wash since then.  Well, all three loads are in the dryer as we speak.  Together.  I just kept adding the wet clothes to the dry clothes and restarting the dryer.  We were having too much fun this weekend and the laundry just didn't get a second glance. My goal is to get it fluffed again, folded, and finally put up by the end of today though.

Getting off soap box now and turning it over to our guest contributor, but I guess my point is that there can be and I feel there should be a nice balance in the whole 'excuse the mess but we live here.'

So today's guest writer and contributor is Isabelle.  She wrote an article to share, and since I did have a little bit of an opinion on this I decided to accept her offer and her article.  Here's Isabelle.


If you're a busy parent who takes pride in your home, you've probably weighed up the benefits of hiring a cleaner before. Of course, there is a huge satisfaction in starting at the top and working your list methodically, seeing the end result of your beautiful sparkling home and taking pride in your efforts. There's nothing like the spring clean, when we get rid of everything that we don't need and polishing and scrubbing everything we do until it's all in nice and neat again.  This sometimes feels as good as a new home. It's your very own home, just rejuvenated. The truth is, if you want your home cleaned, you may feel that you're the only person that clean it the way you want. Sometimes you're the only one who know exactly where everything should go and how it should look. That old saying, 'if you want something done properly, do it yourself' can really hold true in this case.

Unfortunately, not everyone has time to care for their home the way that they'd like, especially if you're a parent whose priority will be running after kids, cooking meals, and packing lunches. It can be easy to let the silver polishing slide. Having children means being ready for what they need at any given time of the day even the unexpected things like sport practice, accidents, play dates, tantrums, allergic reactions and homework projects. That's where outsourcing can come in handy. By hiring a professional cleaner to come at occasionally (the interval doesn't even have to be that regular, could be once a month or once a week), or even outsourcing some of the less particular or the more labour intensive tasks to someone else can help give you more time with your family. These tasks can be things like mopping, toilet cleaning, dusting, wiping the insides of cupboards, and/or cleaning the shower and bath. Those tasks need to be done periodically, but they are general tasks that can be done by anyone. Having those tasks moved off your list can be a huge relief and can free up time in your schedule. That means you'll have more time and more availability to play with your kids. Everyone wins!


Thanks for writing for Pineapples and Pickles, Isabelle.


Elizabeth Conaway said...

Amen to that! I believe that clutter in your home builds clutter and chaos in your life. I always feel so conflicted in the whole Mary vs Martha lesson bc I am such a type A "doer".

Brandie Brown said...

I love this post because I am one that always feels just bit guilty that my house is always, almost always, clean. I hear so many people talking about how their homes are messy because they are off having fun. Well, we have loads of fun and we have a clean home. It makes me feel better knowing that there are others like me out there!

tiffany | monuments and melodies said...

I love this! My house is almost always clean, too, yet my boys & I manage to have a blast regardless! I take pride in a clean home ;) I'm also type A! Ha!