Thursday, August 8, 2013

big boy room {the beds}

I found a pair of Jenny Lind beds on craigslist, and I went crazy over them.  Too bad they were located over 5 hours away.  Husband agreed to make the hike, though, and drove to pick them up.  He's pretty awesome! 

Here's the before.

They're not exact matches and one is clearly much older than the other and both needed some refinishing.

After driving across Texas, the husband agreed to sand and paint them.  After spending one Saturday with a sander in his hands and barely making progress, my friend, Samantha, saved the day when she told me that the Annie Sloan paint didn't require sanding.  I had no idea.  That saved us hours. Instead of sanding for hours, we just threw a couple coats of Annie Sloan's graphite on the beds.  Thank you, Sam!

I'm very happy with how they turned out.  Turns out that one bed is so old that it is about 1.5 inches smaller than traditional twin beds and current twin mattresses.  We did find a mattress that fit (although be it a tight fit) at Costco of all places.  A box spring would not have fit and luckily we didn't need a box spring with these beds.

More importantly than the way they look is that the fact that Preston loves them and has finally started sleeping all night, in his own bed the majority of the time.  The Gherkin and I have our own bed back --- at least for a few months and then we'll start all over again.

Now let's see if these beds can stand the test of time with a rambunctious two year old, whose current thing is to jump from all furniture yelling "to effity and beyond."

More big boy room pictures to come as we finish everything.

*effity = infinity 


Jenn-Neal said...

What a great find! Love the paint color you chose too!

Hilary said...

Those beds are amazing and the color couldn't be more perfect! I would love a Jenny Lind for my daughters one day big girl bed. And what a good hubby to drive all the way out there for you!

Dianna said...

So cute! They look great!

Andie said...

what a great find! they came out great!

The Fields Family said...

They look great! We had to figure out some work arounds for our antique spindle beds, but I don't think anyone can tell.

Sara said...

Love this color! I am looking to paint a Jenny Lind Crib for our new arrival in Oct as well! These turned out great!! Gets me excited!

Jana said...

I love how they turned out!

Brandi said...

Looks amazing!!! Love AS paint!!!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

eek awesome find! now you are ready for a 3rd child ...another boy so they can share a room bhahahahaha