Friday, August 16, 2013

five on friday {and da bump @ 29 wks }

I'm linking up with Darci and friends for another Five on Friday post.

one ::

I finished the DIY crib mobile for Hadley's room last weekend.  I initially said I wasn't making anything and that I would be spending money to buy one this time (I made Preston's mobile also), but in the end I couldn't find one that I just loved. So I used this tutorial and a wreath ring from Michael's that I spray painted a nice neutral color to match the walls and made my own.  I'm still indecisive about it (some days I love it and some days I am unsure), but it's staying up. 

two ::

I bought these pjs on clearance for the hospital.  It looks like they only have the pigs left.  I bought the seahorse print.  They are super soft and cozy, and my short legs can appreciate that I can adjust the length so they aren't dragging the floor all the time.

three ::

We took Preston to his new school for the very first time yesterday to meet his teacher.  He is in love already and was so very excited to be there. He's only going two full days a week, but still he's leaving our home, he'll be with new kids, new teachers, away from his mommy, daddy, and Rosa.  My stomach is all in knots just thinking about it, but we know it's the best for him.  He's very social, and honestly we've been holding him back by keeping him at home.  We did not have the choice of sending him to school the first year as the doctors wanted him at home, but the past year and a half I've prayed for discernment for when and where to start him.  I'm definitely at peace with our decision, but it still doesn't make it any easier. 

four ::

Speaking of school, I realize that I can't protect my children from all the harm and evil in this broken world.  I get that, but it doesn't make it any easier.  One thing I learned from this book though is that I can help shape the destiny of my children and their children through my prayers for them.  I pray constantly that I will always be mindful in my actions and above all things that I will point Preston towards Christ.  I saw this quote and realized that I should also pray that others who are in and will come into his life will also point him towards Christ. 


five ::

I met up with the lovely founder and other sweet contributors for the Houston Moms Blog last night for a photo shoot followed by dinner.  I look forward to getting to know them more.  Amanda from Momma's Gonna SNAP Photography took our pictures so I give her full credit for my 29 week bump picture. 


Kate Cee said...

That mobile is so cute!!!

Jennifer said...

So excited for the Houston Mom Blog!

KatiePerk said...

Your mobile is amazing!! Those are gorgeous pictures! Stopping by from Friday 5!

Leah said...

You did such a great job on the mobile! Seeing all the houston mom blog stuff makes me wish we were moving there instead of San Antonio!