Sunday, September 29, 2013

Houston Moms Blog & Honey Bee Tees

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Have you checked out the Houston Moms Blog?

I posted today about shopping for my little man.  It also includes a 15% off promo code for one of our favorite brands, Honey Bee Tees.

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Hope you guys had a great and relaxing weekend!

Friday, September 27, 2013

da bump :: 35 wks

Considered yourselves lucky because I have two bump pictures to share this week.  I had to take one with Mr. P in his special shirt (read about that below). 

The shirt Preston is wearing was my brother's when he was a little boy.  To say he was excited to wear it would be an understatement.  When I asked him whose shirt it was he would proudly answer "Bubba's" or "shirt de Bubba."  He busts out with more and more Spanglish everyday :)

My regular OB says that I'm still set for a c-section on 10.28.
My amniotic fluid was low last Friday and my placental resistance was up again so back to the high risk OB next Friday for another ultrasound.
The good news is that Miss Hadley is growing well.  She was an estimated 4 lbs 12 oz last Friday
I bought a preemie take-home outfit just in case my docs do get more concerned and deliver her earlier, but hopefully that's not needed at this point. 

I would also like to sign off by saying that this week Mr. Preston started potty training himself.  When home, he potties in his big boy potty more times than not.  More about that later, we'll see how he does the next couple of weeks. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

home videos :: edition 1

You know what?  I'm so thankful for technology and I totally appreciate the fact we can capture home videos with our phones now.  We own a video camera and I'm fairly certain we've used it twice (both on the day Preston was born).  Here lately I've been much more intentional in recording Preston in action.  I want to remember the sweet sound of this voice forever. And ever. And ever. 

He asks his daddy to go look for froggies every evening.  
He sings Jesus Loves Me now.  Well, really it's just the me, so, and strong.  Ignore the blurry beginning --- his daddy needs to work on his video shooting skills. 
His first couple of weeks of school was great and tear free.  The following couple weeks was pure torture for me when I dropped him off.  He cried and would beg me to turn around and "go back, momma" the minute we turned on the street.  Last week the hubs brainwashed him and convinced him that "school is cool." This week has been much better. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

What's on my mind.

Saturday was a very rough mommy/toddler day, during which at one point I just got in the car and left after he told me to go away for the 118th time, leaving him with his daddy for his daddy to deal with it.  I was losing my cool and I really hate it for him to see me lose my cool. Plus we desperately needed trash bags so off to Target I went. 

Not sure if it's school, he senses that Hadley is coming, or the fact that I cut the tip of his paci ever so slightly in hopes of getting rid of that thing soon, but Preston is in full regression mode.  It does exist.  It is a real thing. 

Later on Saturday, the hubs could sense I was at my limit and arranged for some sweet friends to watch him while we grabbed a quick dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.  Alone.  Outside.  On a patio.  Hello, fall

Then that night, Preston slept through the night in his own bed for the first time in weeks. He must've heard our conversation about shipping him off to boarding school during dinner.  I only kid

Then Sunday at church our pastor said this.  "We shouldn't reproduce.  We should produce."  Our goal should not be for our kids to be just like us (although sadly, they all too often pick up our bad), but our goal should be for our kids to be better than us.  More productive than us. 

During the sermon, I thought about the day before.  I felt guilty for losing my cool.  I felt guilty for leaving.  The hubs rarely loses his cool.  He has such a strange sense of calmness and peace that sometimes I wonder if he's really human.  I, on the other hand, am a very passionate person, consumed with strong feelings and strong beliefs --- it's the scorpio in me.  

I realized during the sermon in order for us to produce and not reproduce we should hope that Preston and Hadley get the good from the hubs and get the good from me.  We're not perfect, and that's the glory of being in this together and being a team in this whole parenting thing.  

I slowly started to feel less and less guilty about removing myself from the situation before I lost my marbles anymore.  Really there wasn't any reason to feel guilty, I did leave my son in the care of my calm husband who rarely seems to spill his marbles.  In leaving perhaps I just prevented my son's reproduction of my anger and allowed for the production of husband's calm and gentle nature

Who knows if it's right or wrong?  There's a whole lot of grey area when it comes to parenting, and these trying twos and this regression has made it very difficult for me to wear my mommy halo lately.  I only kid about the mommy halo part.  :)

Our pastor also shared this poem from the early 1900s.  I absolutely love it for a few different reasons.  I like the perspective of us being the bow and our kids being the arrow. Instead of hindering him or holding him back (I have some helicopter parenting tendencies) I should do what I can to make his arrow flies straight and far.  Then secondly I love that the author reminds us that God loves us just as He loves our kiddos.

Friday, September 20, 2013

five on friday

Linking up with Darci and friends for Five on Friday again.

One ::  Preston's beloved photographer has made me smile once again.  Kristy, I heart you in the biggest way possible and thank God for your gift and talent.

consider this also my 34 week bump picture too, ok !?

Two ::  These.  Get some now.  So good.

Three ::  As this posts, I'm at my high risk OB for a follow up appointment on my placental resistance and low amniotic fluid. Due to her recommended careful monitoring I had a NST (nonstress test) early Tuesday morning during which I got to hear sweet girl's heart beat for over 30 minutes!  She fell asleep for a bit, but they buzzed her with this little buzzer (so technical here) and she immediately kicked and her heart rate went up to the 160s.  The nurse reassured me that's a sign of a healthy baby.  :)

Apparently, I freaked some of you guys out with the above picture on instragram.  Hindsight, I realize now it looks like I could have been in labor.  My apologies :)

Four :: HEV's baby book arrived, and the more I see it, the more I love it.  I stressed over this dang book, but I love the decision I made {purchased here}

Five :: My first post on the Houston Moms Blog went live last weekend.  You can check it out here.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

burlap { it's a girl } door hanger.

I was at the hospital taking a tour since we're delivering at a new hospital in the Texas Medical Center this time around  It's fancy and big and new so I just wanted to make sure I knew my way around.  So super fancy that you can shop and place orders from the gift shop while in labor through their fancy tv program.  There's also a manicure and pedicure service on site that will come to your room.  I know this because a  patient has promised to gift me with a manicure/pedicure during my hospital stay as long as I promise to come back to work after maternity leave.  I told you it's a fancy schmancy place.

Anyhow, back to the point of my post.  I saw a door hanger in the gift shop for sale.  It was closed so I couldn't see the price, but I imagine it's high dollar considering the fancy hospital.  I made a mental note to buy one for Hadley and then on the way home realized I could make that myself for next to nothing since I already had all the materials except for the pink ribbon on hand at home.  I didn't have intentions of blogging about it until I finished it or I would've taken pictures during the making of it. All in all it cost me $7 to make it and that was the cost of the ribbon.  Can you believe I didn't have any pink ribbon in this house yet?  Everything else I had on hand.

I made mine double sided with It's a Girl on one side {with plans to hang that side on display at the hospital} and with her name on the other side {with plans to hang that on her nursery door or our front door when we bring her home from the hospital}.

What you'll need:
fishing line or some type of thicker thread
paint brushes (see directions for specific ones I used)
piece of chalk
batting or tissue paper
safety pin

1) Lay your burlap fabric out on a flat surface.  I bought mine from Hobby Lobby with coupon a couple of years ago. I folded a bigger piece of burlap in half so that there were two layers of burlap, one on top of each other.
2) Trace the shape of a baby rattle onto the burlap.  I used a piece of chalk for the tracing and I just free handed it. 
3) Cut along the line you just traced in step 2.
4) Once through cutting you should have two pieces of identically shaped baby rattles. 
5) Put plastic or a drop cloth down and then lay the two burlap shaped rattles on top. 
6) Take the paint brush and the Elmer's white glue and literally paint the glue on to the burlap.  Don't worry that it goes on white because when it dries it will be clear. The more glue the stiffer the burlap will be. I chose to only apply one coat of glue to give it a softer look.  After painting the glue on let it dry a couple of hours. Remember to add more coats of the glue for stiffer finish on the burlap. 
7) Once the paint dried, I painted the dots.  I used light pink paint I had on hand and the end of a mini foam roller from Lowe's to paint the dots by dipping the solid end in light pink paint and then pressed in onto the burlap.  Due to the porous nature of the burlap, you do have two apply two or three coats. 
8) Then I grabbed the chalk again and traced the It's a Girl and Hadley Eloise on either side.  You can trace it from a stencil or free hand it like I did. 
9) Then take a fairly stiff and very thin paint brush and paint over the above chalk tracing with your paint.  I didn't have a bright pink on hand so I just mixed white and red until I came up with a hot pink. NOTE: it will take 2-3 coats of paint again. 
10) Let paint dry.
11) Once dry, place the two pieces of burlap on top of each other.  Be sure that your painted sides are both facing out and not in (otherwise you won't see the painted side once finished). 
12)  Then I threaded a needle with fishing line and sewed along the outside edges of BOTH pieces of burlap, sewing the two pieces together as I went. 
13)  I stopped after sewing the top part of the rattle and then stuffed the batting inside before continuing down the handle of the rattle. Then I stopped at halfway when sewing the handle of the rattle and again stuffed batting into the burlap already sewn together. Then again as I finished sewing together the bottom pieces of burlap to make the bottom rattle, I left a little opening before sewing it shut to finish stuffing it with batting.  Then I sewed it up completely.  NOTE: if you don't have batting on hand you can also use pieces of tissue paper (for wrapping, not for nose blowing!) or news paper.
14. Then either tie your ribbon where you want it or use a safety pin to attach your ribbon.  I opted to pin mine. 
15. Hang it and welcome your precious baby into this world :)

Easy peasy!  I started and finished it, in addition to cooking dinner and chasing a toddler, all in one afternoon :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

in love with minted's 2013 holiday designs.

Minted launched their new holiday card designs for 2013 last week.  I get so excited to pick out Christmas cards each year and this year is certainly no exception. 

I'm a smitten kitten for Minted's new foil-pressed cards.  Can you say in love?!

I adore this holiday mini-book from Minted.

For all those who want to get a head start, Minted has some precious options.  Me?  I'll be waiting on this great little girl's arrival before I start designing my 2013 holiday cards.

Click on the banner below for 20% off {{ promo code :: PREVIEW2013 }} available now through 09.23.13.

P.S. this post makes me absolutely giddy --- it means the holidays are right around the corner!

*affiliate links used.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hadley's nursery.

Hadley's nursery is done.  Done. I finally got my act together and took some pictures over the weekend thanks to the hubs who got Preston out of the house for a mere hour so I could snap them. 

I tried not to stress too much about this nursery.  Sadly, I had a couple of weeks where I did stress but it was short lived and then, just like that, it all came together. 

I wanted light and white. I kept the same crib Preston used and the same Pottery Barn sheets I used for him.  I didn't paint the walls so the Martin Senour Linen Weave is still on the walls.  It definitely looks darker now that it's paired with more white accents instead of the blue and darker oatmeal colored linen I used in Preston's nursery.

I kept the same changing table, same changing pad and cover, and the same lamp. The Starburst mirror is from Target {here}, and I loovvve it!

I framed some of my favorite pages from Flora and the Flamingo on either side of the window.  I kept the birchwood branch up to serve as the curtain rod.  I didn't get a good picture of the window panels, but they are from Linen Source {here}.  I love the daintiness of them. 

A sweet friend let me borrow her glider (it's seriously the most comfortable thing ever) for Hadley's nursery.  I didn't get a glider or rocker for Preston's nursery and I regret it.  I kept the cowhide rug that Aunt Lauren bought for Preston's nursery in there for now.  I do want to keep the cowhide in there as it's the perfect fit and I like the way it makes the room a tiny bit rustic, but I'm look for a large, padded, natural colored rug to layer under the cowhide and to soften the floor. I remember spending quite a bit of time of the floor in there before Preston was old enough to crawl and walk. Rugs are the hardest thing for me to commit to and to purchase so I'm not going to rush into anything --- if I find the perfect one then it'll happen.  

Also, my cowhide is curling up on the edges.  It's pretty annoying.  Any ideas on how to straighten it again?  Never mind, figured out a solution and it worked like a charm. 

Anyhow, I ordered Hadley's crib skirt and the bows from Cottage and Cabin.  Debbie was amazing to work and the turn around was very timely.  I opted not to do the bumper for right now.  I have the oatmeal linen bumper from Preston's nursery still that I may use once she's old enough and the risk of SIDS decreases, but honestly bumpers just scare me so I may just throw up one of those breathable, white, mesh bumpers when the time comes.

Following this tutorial I made a DIY tissue mobile using a wire wreath hanger that I painted white.

I ordered the mega-sized {36x36} monogram from here.  I love how it turned out.  It came with adorable burlap ribbon, but sadly, I had to end up removing it.  We don't have the tallest ceilings. 

More details ... 

One of the things I was most excited about ordering after it sunk in that I was indeed having a girl, was a Beaufort bonnet.  There are no words for how much I adore these bonnets from The Beaufort Bonnet Company

I kept the bird prints that I painted myself with a sweet friend years ago.  This ruffled, mint bathing suit was one of the first things I purchased after finding out that Miss Hadley was indeed a miss.  I decided to hang it on display for now in her room.  I love that Ikea sells baby and kid-sized wooden hangers.

I don't have a great picture of it, but I snagged this cart on sale to use as a side table beside the glider. I used this tutorial to make my own mini tassel garland for above the changing table. It's not as neat as the tutorial, but I like it.  It doesn't help that Mr. P can't seem to keep his paws off of it. 

Lucite bookshelf is from here
I replaced the P hook with an H {from Anthropologie}, and hung one of my favorite Remember Nguyen dresses on it.

So now I wait.  Wait to hold my daughter (I can't believe I get to say that those two words in combination ... my daughter) in this room.

Monday, September 9, 2013

big brother and mommy days.

For the past month, I intentionally planned a few big brother/ mommy dates for Preston and me.   I try not to plan anything else on those days so we don't feel rushed.  No grocery store.  No appointments.  We talk about being a big brother, although you can see below he likes to think of himself as the  'baby brother,' baby Haddey, and babies in general.  Now that things are a little more concrete in our house ( there's no denying there's a baby in my belly and there's a whole lotta pink going up in our house), Preston has really started to talk a lot more about his sister and being a big brother.  I can't remember if I documented it or not on here, but he ignored all talk about his baby sister for about 3 months. 

One Friday morning, we went to Noah's Ark.  We went there quite a bit last summer, but sadly this was our first time to go this year.  We've done a lot of traveling this year and a lot of our Fridays were spent at my OB appointments. 

Anyhow he loved it.  He went down each slide about 18 times each.  He even went down the way-to-big-for-him slide in the big pool.  He really had no business going down it especially without his floaties, but he insisted.  I waited for him at the bottom of the slide, in what was supposed to be 3'6" deep water where I had to stand on my tip-toes and bounce up and down to keep my head above the water.  My calves felt it for days afterwards.  Needless to say, there are no pictures or videos of him on that slide.  

Another Friday morning we hit up the Jaycee Park splash pad.  It's free and located close by in a quiet little neighborhood.  He adored it.  I wore my bathing suit under my dress so occasionally I would lift my dress up a bit and splash around in the water with him, but mostly I sat on a towel in the shade and watched him play with friends that came and went -- my heart so proud to be his mommy.

Then the Monday of Labor Day, the Gherkin snuck out of the house early to go play golf with the guys so Preston and I took full advantage of this.  We made it a mommy & big brother movie date to see Planes. After buying a box of popcorn bigger than he is,  he sat through the entire movie and ate popcorn the entire time.  Occasionally, he would look up at me, smile, and say "hi, momma" with a look in his eye that suggested he, too, realized the significance of these moments together. I honestly will never the way he kept looking up at me. And he wanted to hold my hand.  I heart him and I loved this date.

Here are some videos I snapped of our mommy & big brother dates.  {{  I apologize in advance for all the home videos.  I'm sure only Preston's Grrr, KK, and Nana will want to watch them.  I'm going to start posting more simply because I think my home video footage I take here and there easily gets buried in my phone or in a download on the PC.  I don't want to ever forget this sweet voice --- I want/ need to record more of it.  So my apologies in advance.  }}

yes, the car's in motion.  please rest assure that we are just creeping along on a quiet residential street in our neighborhood just after pulling out of our driveway. 

Dear Preston,

As excited I am for your sister to come into this world and take her first breath, my heart longs for more time with you.  Just you.  I know this is by no means the end of our time together as I already look forward to mommy/son dates as you grow up, but I'm just a little sad about how quickly the last two years and eight months went by with you.  I imagine time will race by even quicker when your sister arrives.  

My love for you will not change. If anything it can only grow deeper as I watch you grow to love your sister, entertain her, and teach her all about the ins and outs of our house.  I'll also promise to throw in a little extra allowance if you'll keep a close eye on her in high school too, ya hear?  You're a special little boy.  You're my baby, and as he always tells you, you're your daddy's best friend.  It's such a blessing to have you in my life.

Thank you for making my world go round.  I love you.